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You Have All Failed, Fru Ndi Tells Ambazonia Leaders

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

Social Democratic Front, SDF, kingpin, Ni John Fru Ndi, has chastised Ambazonia leaders living out of the country over what he termed “their failed struggle to restore the former British Southern Cameroons.”

Fru Ndi made the remarks July 25 in America, while addressing the leaders. The Post learnt that the SDF Chair did not mince his words when he told the various factions of the Ambazonia leaders that apart from failing in the struggle, they have also disgraced the struggle of the Anglophone people by fighting over money.

“I have seen the Government you people have formed in the diaspora, until you guys bring yourselves together, you are fighting a lost war. Your directives are not coordinated, Amba boys no longer listen to you… and when they do, your infighting abroad is transferred to the ground and Amba boys are killing themselves,” Fru Ndi said.

Going by him, “… let us sit down as brothers and sisters and organised ourselves, chat a way forward for the suffering of those back home.”

“When I was kidnapped by the Amba boys, they sang their anthem and let me confess, they sang it so well but they cannot force that on me. They also force and tied their flag on me and took photos, but I told them to take it off. I am a Cameroonian, not an Ambazonia,” he added.

He further said, “Ambazonia leaders in the diaspora have failed and they need to close ranks, come together, get coordinated because as it stands, Amba is a lost war they are fighting. I do not believe in war.”

Ni John also talked about how Ambazonia have lost the sympathy of the international community by their own atrocities. He said the cutting of fingers and limbs and the beheading of people have not helped their struggle.

While painting a grim picture of them, explaining his personal experiences including that of Florence Ayafor, Fru Ndi said the separatist fighters are uncontrollable.

He also pointed the kidnappings of the Bishop of Kumbo and the atrocities emitted on the Fon of Nso and urged them to come back home and experience some of the situations, especially how children are not going to school for almost four years now. He expressed his disappointment, stating that the fighters are killing themselves more than the military is killing them.

Concerning the on-going reconstruction, Fru Ndi urged them to accept it because the funds available are coming from the international community and not from Cameroon.

He said if the leaders refuse to accept the reconstruction of the two Regions, “then we will have lost everything.”

Talking about Hon. Joseph Wirba, the SDF Chieftain said it was Wirba who abandoned the SDF and ran away from his people. He urged him to go back to Cameroon and launch the book he has written on Cameroon.

Fru Ndi said other Parliamentarians said worse things that day and were not questioned or taken away.

“Why was it only Wirba that ran away from his responsibilities? Did Ojuku run? Did Mandela run? Did John Gerang of South Sudan run? Independence is not coming, People are being killed every day,” he said.

Fru Ndi said he still has hopes that an Anglophone can be President of Cameroon and all the injustice will be rectified and corrected.

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