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CUIB Rebrands To ‘The Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial University’

by Atlantic Chronicles

The Catholic University Institute Buea, CUIB, has rebranded from the entrepreneurial university, to ‘the Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial University’.

The new vision is to be focused on, by the school, so as to engage in entrepreneurial studies, work, and projects that will ensure growth and development in the community.

The new vision was unveiled at a press conference, by the President of the Catholic University Institute Buea, Rev Fr. George Nkeze, the vision bearer, and overseer of the University that now operates in three of Cameroon’s 10 Regions.

Addressing pressmen and students, Rev. Fr. Nkeze said that his vision is that of creating a generation of students who love challenges, students who don’t attribute their failure to others, students whose aim is to showcase output instead of comparing marks, and above all, build an entrepreneurial university that propels development, through its entrepreneurs, instead of churning out thousands of students to go and comb offices in search of jobs that are never there.

Fr. Nkeze remarked that his growth mindset vision for CUIB is in line with the planned restructuring of CUIB to serve as a cradle for innovation, so as to create a new brand for entrepreneurs to shape life in a rapidly changing world.

Observing that people are too quick to give up on their struggles, as well as blame others for their failures and lack of success, CUIB’s President said the practice of going to school and obtaining certificates to look for jobs, no longer works in contemporary times, and, as such, entrepreneurship and skill acquisition with a growth mindset need to be adopted by all, so as to lead better lives and ensure real societal growth and development.

Chastising non-entrepreneurial education, the CUIB President, an educationist, said certificate-oriented education has failed, and that it is foolhardy for people to pursue such education and expect a different outcome, given that it has largely failed the community and those who pursue it.

Talking about praying and working, Fr. Nkeze advised students to spend time working, before for a better output. He rebuked students who shy away from work and hide behind the church to pray for things they should be doing practically.

“Stop wasting time in church praying and saying ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and everything will be added onto it’, nothing will be added to it if you don’t work for it. I am not saying you should not pray, pray and work, that is what you should be doing…success only comes from practice.”

Among one of the announced innovations, is that of the inclusion of attitude evaluation for all students. The president said, henceforth, students will have academic and attitude transcripts. Following the press conference, the CUIB President held meetings with the various students to listen to their challenges, advise them and propose better ways for them to carry out their education with ease. 

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