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Christian Women Urged To Invest In Cameroon’s Real Estate Market

by Atlantic Chronicles

“A lot of Christian women go through financial crises, with the most part facing financial instability. Therefore, accessing financial freedom which supersedes financial stability is the way forward”.

These are the words of Nana Courage who believes that “marriage is not financial liberation for women”. This thematic was at the centre of discussions during the just ended Women In Real Estate (WIRE) 2023 symposium that held in Douala under the theme Money Affairs.

The come together has as objective to see these Christian women get to that echelon in their future or dream lives come 10years from now. “At WIRE, our string of investment Programs accrue and generate income into your account in a geometrical manner as time goes by”, she says.

On women and purpose, she reminded the women that money is a tool needed to help them fulfil a purpose given that a woman is a change and transformation agent.

In their multitude, the women were schooled on how to make, multiply and manage money.

In her opinion, “if women strive to discover their passion via their giftings and talents which are more or less natural instincts, they will amply make their Voice an Invoice”.

To her, women are money portals reason why they must know the way God created and wired their mind frame. The Convener of WIRE 2023 further charged the Christian women to bring value addition into their marriage because money flows in the direction of value.

Moreover, “a woman who creates global impact is bound to attract global attention as she solves global community problems through social Entrepreneurship”.

Money is a medium of exchange and people including women all desire to have money yet, no one is desperately willing to exchange it for something, be it their time, energy or skills.

On this note, she introduced the women to Real Estate Industry opportunities in Cameroon, the mountains and persons of influence she adheres to, not leaving out the God factor, all of this in an exchange discourse.

To her, God will always remain a covering and an enabler of all the fruitful avenues she has ever gotten herself involved in. Seeking His consent is and will forever remain key should the women want to Live, Move and Thrive in Excellence in today’s demanding world.


Mme. Nana Educating the Christian Women at event

Following the interactions, Kossock Jippa Xaveria, a born again Christian girl and Ticketing Agent in the Transport and Logistics Industry affirmed her compliance to the Vision. As side hustle, the Realtor and Land Broker or now turned Real Estate Agent manages the marketing pressure that comes with both jobs.

As a girl she is positive that owning a plot of land and keeping it for development to follow in the said area is a way for her to bank her money in land thanks to the advantages offered her under the Real Estate Millionaire (REM) label.

Also, Cho Brandone, an IT Specialist and Web Developer was one of the few men at WIRE 2023 and says the teachings gotten have inspired him to dream big, to dare and to volunteer/work with the team. As recommendation to the organisers, Men In Real Estate (MIRE) 2023 in his opinion may be envisaged as this can be a ground breaking moment for men who also go through financial challenges, a move never undertaken before.

The Financial Intelligence Test dubbed just for girls and powered by the Dominion Group that provides land for future profitable opportunities culminated the meeting and served as an outlet to tickle the Christian women’s perspective on investing in their future as Real Estate Millionaires (REM), the new revolutionary vision.


By Honorine Cheng

Data Journalist/Content Creator

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