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At Triple Awards Event: “It Is Right To Celebrate Barrister NICO HALLE, For All What He Has Been Doing To Humanity And Society”, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, Bishop Emeritus of Buea

by Atlantic Chronicles


“It is good to celebrate somebody who deserves to be celebrated when he is alive, than when he is lying in a casket”, Mgr. Bushu

“We are very happy to see Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, a committed and humble servant of God, imparting society. We give praise to God for everything”, Rev Pastor Abedine  Asoh

“Barrister Nico Halle is a role model as a father, and in society, a crusader for peace and justice, a legal luminary, an anti–corruption crusader, an election expert , a crusader against hate speech and xenophobia, a patriotic Cameroonian, and above all, A HIGHLY COMMITTED SERVANT OF GOD”, Publisher /EIC of  Naija Diaspora Magazine, Ismaila Adegbola

“Ntumfor Nico Halle is an illustrious son of Awing, and Awing is proud of him.  He does not only inspire Awing people, but he also inspires the world at large”, Rep. of Fon of Awing, Thompson Mofor Tawo

“We should all strive to work to end the crisis in NW and SW Region, and not to instead exploit it to make money, blood money”, Ntumfor Nico Halle

Mgr. IMMANUEL BANLANJO BUSHU, the Bishop Emeritus of Buea Diocese, has asserted that it is good to celebrate somebody who deserves to be celebrated when he is alive, than to celebrate him when he is lying in a casket ,or better still, when he is dead. He was speaking at a ceremony in Douala on December 6, 2023, to present three more awards to the reputed International Crusader for Peace and Justice, Ntumfor Barrister NICO HALLE, who is also an Anti-Corruption Crusader as well as a Crusader against Hate Speech and Xenophobia.

The ceremony dubbed Triple Awards Event, was chaired by the Man-of-God, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, while the Man-of-Law, John Halle, of the Nico Halle & Co Law Firm in Douala, was the Master of Ceremony, MC..  Worth noting that the three awards that Ntumfor Halle received on that December 6, brought to 178, the total number of awards that he has received. This means that there is a total of 178 distinctions in the Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle Award Gallery.

The figure of 178 awards or distinctions does not include the two Honoris Causas (Doctorates) that Ntumfor Halle has received from two reputed higher institutions abroad, and one in the country. It should also be noted that the total number of awards (178) in the Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle Ward Gallery today, would have even been more, if Ntumfor Halle had not rejected some awards because he doubted their credibility, as he suspected they had some strings attached to them.


 Happy To Associate With Nico Halle


Meanwhile, the Chairman of the December 6, 2023 Triple Award Event, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu , the Bishop Emeritus of Buea, described  Nico Halle as a genuine citizen of Cameroon. He asserted that it is a good and justifiable idea to celebrate Nico Halle, because of the many good the many good things he has done, and continues to do, to humanity and the society.  He thus thanked those who are celebrating and encouraging Halle by presenting him with well-deserved awards. He said he has traveled to several countries of the world, but that he has never seen an event where one person was presented with three awards at one event, and by three different groups.  The Man-of-God said he is happy to associate with Ntumfor Halle, who is a credible and committed crusader for peace and justice, because of his selfless services to humanity and the society. He said Halle is good man; a man of good character.

Interesting enough, Mgr. Bushu   saw a link between the good character of Nico Halle, and his upbringing. He said the way Nico Halle does things is clearly indicative of the fact that he was well brought up by his parents.  He said part of the credit for what Nico Halle is doing to humanity and the society, should thus also go to his parents who definitely brought him up in a good away. That is, Nico Halle was brought up in the fear of the Lord.

Worthy of note, that Mgr. Immanuel Bushu the Bishop Emeritus of Buea, holds a PhD in philosophy.  He was a lecturer or teacher at the Major Seminary Bambui.  Bushu was designated Bishop of Yagoua in 1993 by Holy See. In 2007 he was designated the Bishop of Buea. He also became the Grand Chancellor of the Catholic University Institute of Buea.  Mgr. Bushu went on retirement in 2019.


Life Time Achievement Awards For Nation Builders


Meanwhile, the first award to be presented to Ntjumfor Barrister Nico Halle at the December, 2023 Triple Awards Event, was the,  LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR NATION BUILDERS , GOLD CATEGORY  2022 / 2023,  by the Life Time Media Group with head office in Bemenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon.  The award was: IN RECOGNITION OF MERIT TO NTUMFOR NICO HALLE, FOR IMMEASURABLE SELFLESS SACRIFICES TO HUMANITY”.

The Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Life Time Media Group, Tim Finnian, who honoured Ntumfor Halle by travelling to Douala to present the award to him, said the Group this year organised the 13th edition of their annual awards. He said a 25 man jury headed by Senior Journalist, Ngawe Jeff, and comprised of objective and credible individuals drawn from different professions, was given the challenging assignment to meticulously examine and select the laureates for the awards  in different categories, with the Gold Category being the highest.

The CEO said members of the jury unanimously selected Ntumfor Nico Halle as laureate in the Gold Category of the Life Time Achievement Award For Nation Builders.  He recalled that Life Time Media Group organised a ceremony in Bafoussam on November 11, 2023 to handover the awards to the laureates, but that Ntumfor Halle was unavoidably absent.


 “Behind Every Successful Man Is  A Woman”


As to the reasons why Ntumfor Halle was selected, the CEO of Life Time Media Group recalled a series of outstanding or very remarkable things that he has done over the years.  He said for example that Ntumfor Halle was the first person since the return of multiparty in the country, to successfully ensure the organization of credible elections in the difficult Northwest Region. This was when Halle was a member of National Election Observatory, NEO, In charge of the Northwest Region. Tim Finnian also recalled that at the beginning of the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis, the international peace crusader, Ntumfor Nico Halle, embarked on a very risky mission to the Northwest and Southwest Regions, to preach peace.

Interestingly enough, the CEO of Life Time Media Group, Tim Finnian, also made reference to the adage that behind every successful man is a woman. He asserted that if Ntumfor Halle has over the years been successfully carrying out his noble mission to serve humanity and the society, it is certainly also because the dear wife, Justine Halle, has been standing by him.  On behalf of the Life Time Media Group and the jury  of the 2023 awards, Tim Finnian congratulated Mrs Justine Halle for the moral support she has been giving to the husband, in his noble but very challenging mission, to serve humanity and the society.


First Annual Diaspora Excellence Awards 


The second award to be handed over to Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle at the December 6, 2023 ceremony, was the “DIASPORA EXCELLENCE AWARD” LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT 2023, that came from the international NAIJA DIASPORA MAGAZINE (NIGERIA DIASPORA MAGAZINE). It should be noted that Nigerians fondly call their country, NAIJA. The high quality Naija Diaspora Magazine which has its head office in Douala, Cameroon, has started making inroads into other Central Africa n Countries.

Naija Diaspora Magazine clocked 10 years this year, 2023. As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, the Naija Diaspora Magazine introduced a new chapter in its journey with the launching of an annual Diaspora Excellence Awards. The award ceremony took place at the Best Western Hotel in Douala on November 18, 2023, under the distinguished patronage of Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, who was represented at the ceremony by the Littoral Regional Delegate of Communication. But Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle who was one  the personalities that was designated by  the Selection Committee for the Diaspora Excellence Awards- Lifetime Achievement Award, was not at the ceremony,  because he was   out of the country.


“Remarkable Humanitarian Efforts In Promoting Peace Globally”


The Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of Naija Diaspora Magazine, ISMAILA IDEGBOLA, attended the December 6, 2023 Triple Award Event at the Shalom Building Bonaberi, Douala , to personally hand over the prestigious DIASPORA EXCELLENCE  AWARD – LIFETIME  ACHIEVEMENT 2023, to one of the distinguished laureates, Ntunfor  Barrister Nico Halle.

Ismaila Adegbola, explained that the  Diaspora Excellence Award stands as a testament  to the individuals and groups  that have not just traded the path of excellence, but have carved a lasting legacy. “Our selection committee was meticulous in picking these distinguished individuals and businesses that have been the architects of positive change, contributing significantly to the development and the promotion of ethical principles, enriching the tapestry of our society.  As we recognise the outstanding  efforts in leadership, mentorship, corporate social responsibility, government, public policy, and community improvement, we embark on a journey to celebrate those remarkable souls who have left an indelible mark on the diaspora  narrative”, Adegbola explained.

The Publisher/EIC of Naija Diaspora Magazine told the awardee, Ntumfor Halle, that: “THIS ESTEEMED RECOGNITION IS A TRIBUTE TO YOUR REMAKABLE HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS IN PROMOTING PEACE GLOBALLY AND YOUR GOODNESS IN THE SOCIETY’. He said the Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for individuals who have demonstrated exceptional contributions throughout their career, leaving a lasting impact on their field.


“A Highly Committed Servant Of God”


Ismaila Adegbola  told Ntumfor Halle that his nomination for the  Diaspora Excellence Award,  reflects the profound influence he has exerted through his dedication to spreading peace and his all heart contributions to society. “We extend our heartfelt congratulations for this well-deserved award to Barrister Nico Halle, a role model as a father, and in society, a crusader for peace and justice, a legal luminary, an anti-corruption crusader, an election expert, a crusader against hate speech and xenophobia, a patriotic Cameroonian, and above all, A HIGHLY COMMITTED SERVNT OF GOD. Your commitment to humanitarian causes and your act of kindness have not gone unnoticed, Once again, congratulations for this outstanding achievement”, the Publisher / EIC of Naija Diaspora Magazine, concluded.

Worth noting that the Chairman of the ceremony, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, took special interest in Ismaila Adegbola  as a foreign journalist from the sisterly and neighbouring country, Nigeria, as well as in the  high quality of his Naija Diaspora Magazine. The Priest congratulated Adegbola and his international magazine for taking interest in the Cameroonian society, and for identifying somebody like Barrister Nico Halle, for his great and constant humanitarian service to humanity and the society.


The Golden Awards 2023


Meanwhile, the 3rd and last, but not the least award, that was presented to Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle at the December 6, 2023 Triple Award Event, was THE GOLDEN AWARD 2023, precisely, THE BEST AWARD WINNING PEACE CRUSADER, in the Category of Society.

Worthy of note that the The Golden Awards, which was in its 4th edition this year, is the brain child of Buea based journalist and Critical Thinker, FAH ELVIS TAYONG. He is the President of the Organising Committee of The Golden Awards. Fah is the Founder of the non-profit making project, The Golden Awards. It should be noted that The Golden Awards stands out in a class of its own, as the non-profit making project is neither owned nor attached to any organisation or media organ.  It is a purely an independent project, that is not linked even to the TV Station where Fah Elvis Tayong works in Buea.

Also, The Golden Award has its specificities as compared to most of the awards, especially the awards of media organs or media groups, that are only given to personalities that distinguish themselves in different aspects or their different domains of activities. Besides giving awards to personalities for outstanding achievements,  The Golden Awards also give distinctions to ordinary people in the society that make remarkable achievements or record outstanding performances in their different domains. So there are for example awards to the Best Taxi Driver, the Best Security Guard, and so on. Fah Elvis Tayong says The Golden Awards reward people who have done good things in the society.


The Best Award Winning Peace Crusader


Speaking at the December  6, 2023 Triple Award Event in Douala, the Founder and  President  of The Organising  Committee of The Golden Awards, Fah Elvis Tayong, stated that an Awards Committee for the 2023 awards headed by Kumba based senior journalist, Yuh Innocent , was set up to select laureates for  the distinctions.  Interestingly enough,  Fah disclosed that when the Award Committee selected Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle for the Peace Crusader Award, there was a problem that came up, considering that  Ntumfor has already won so many awards for peace crusading, Fah said what the members of  Award Committee then proposed should be done, and which was adopted by the Organising Committee, was that the award  in peace crusading  for which Ntumfor was nominated, should be renamed as: The Best Award Winning Peace Crusader, which is the highest echelon..

Fah Elvis Tayong explained that  The Best Award Winning Peace Crusader given to Ntumfor Halle, is also a way for The Golden Awards  to thank as well as and encouraged  him, for all the many good things  he has been doing to humanity and the society. He righty remarked that Ntumfor Halle whom he described as a no-nonsense man and a man of valour, is also a crusader in a number of  other domains like  in the fight against corruption , hate speech and xenophobia.


“My Most Valuable Title Is Christians


Meanwhile, speaking at the December 6 ceremony in reaction to three more awards that he received on that blessed day, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, a genuine Christian in words and deeds, stated that his most valuable title  is, and will remain, Christian. He said as a servant of God, all whatever he does to humanity and the society, are to the glory of God. He emphasised on the point that it is the Almighty Father who guides and direct, as well as gives him the strength in all his crusading missions.

Ntumfor Halle however assured that he was not being unappreciative of the awards that are being given to him.  He quoted Napoleon Bonaparte who said men are led by toys. He said he would continue to accept the awards that are given to him, as long they are credible awards with no strings attached. “The awards inspire me”, he said. Ntumfor Halle thus stated that he considers the awards being given to him, as acts of encouragement or motivations for him to continue in his selfless work or mission to serve humanity and the society. Ntumfor Halle however stressed that credit for the all awards that he receives go to the God, and not to him, for all what he does are to the glory of God.


Moral And Spiritual Bankruptcy


The anti-corruption crusader, Ntumfor Halle, said all human beings have physical challenges. But he pointed out that moral challenge, that is, morality and spirituality, are the biggest challenges in our society, which is being ruined by moral and spiritual bankruptcy. He asserted that God blessed Cameroon and other African countries with abundant natural resources, but  unfortunately the resources are bring plundered and looted by a few through corruption and embezzlement of public funds, leaving behind in the society abject poverty  and a high rate of unemployment. “Many youths are roaming the streets without work”.  Halle said unless we abandon our bad ways, or change our mentality by embracing morally and spirituality, we will continue to rot. He prayed for a change of mentality for the good of all. He prayed that Cameroonians should massively joint the fight or crusade against corruption including embezzlement, for the interest of the country and all its people.

The peace crusader, Ntumfor Halle, once more expressed his deep concern with the crisis that unfortunately continues to drag on in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon and that has continued to take away human lives. He cried out that the crisis makes his heart bleed, especially with the loss of human lives.  Ntumfor Halle urged all Cameroonians to strive to put hands on deck, and work for the crisis to end, instead of some people exploiting the crisis to make money. He said that is blood money.  He asserted that each and every Cameroonian has a civic responsibility to embrace peace for the good of the country and its people. He said all Cameroonians are thus supposed to be peace crusaders in their own small ways.

While stressing the importance of peace in a society, Ntumfor Halle, who is as well a crusader for justice, equally stressed the fact that real peace in a society goes hand-in-hand with justice, and that there can be no real peace without justice.


Dedicate Awards To Fon Of Awing, Others


Meanwhile, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, dedicated one of the three awards he received on the December 6, 2023, to the Fon of Awing, HRM Fozo’o II, as a gift for the Fon’s 25 anniversary on the throne. To be precise, Ntumfor Halle dedicated the prestigious award, Diaspora Excellence Award – Lifetime Achievement 2023, which was given to him by the Naija Diaspora Magazine, to the Fon of Awing at his silver jubilee celebration scheduled for December 15 – 16, 2023 at Awing.

Ntumfor Nico Halle as well dedicated The Golden Award 2023 which he received, to his beloved wife and children, for their love as well as their relentless moral support in his multiple crusades and other activities to serve humanity and society. It should be noted that Ntumfor Halle’s wife and children, all partly studied in the country and abroad. Barrister John Halle who did a marvellous job as MC of the December 6, 2023 Triple Award Event, as well as Lady Vanessa (a lawyer) and Gustave (an architect) that both also played active parts at the ceremony, are all Ntumfor Halle’s children. Their presence and all what they did, are quite indicative of how the children stand behind their father in his noble mission on earth. Worthy to add that Ntumfor Halle’s dear wife, Justine Halle, was also present at the December 6 event.

Meanwhile, as for the Life Time Achievement Award For Nation Builders which was given to Ntumfor Halle by the Life Time Media Group, he dedicated it to all the invitees that honoured the Triple Award Event. They included religious personalities, family members, friends, members of BOBA among others. Worth noting that BOBA is the Bali Old Boys Association, that is, the association of ex-students of the renown Cameroon Protestant College, Bali. Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle is the current President of the Douala Chapter of BOBA.


Goodwill Messages To Ntumfor Nico Halle


Meanwhile, before curtains were drawn on the Triple Award Event on that blessed day of December 6, 2023, a number of personalities that attended the ceremony took the floor to extend their goodwill messages or to give their impressions.  Chief FRU  M. MANTOHBANG , a Telecom Engineer and Consultant, was quite impressed with the fact that the 178 awards or distinctions that Ntumfor Halle has received, come from the civil society including NGOs, the Church, the media , and international organisations.  He congratulated Ntumfor Halle for the record number of awards he has received, and called on all Cameroonians to encourage and support him in his noble mission in the service of humanity and society.

Rev Pastor Abedine Asoh of PC CIBEC Douala said they were quite happy to see the way, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, a committed and humble servant of God is, imparting society. The pastor said all praises for what Halle does have to go God. She said it was nobody but the Almighty God that has enabled his humble servant, Ntumfor Halle, to receive distinctions as many as 178 times. “If God does not permit, we cannot succeed to do anything. We should give thanks and praises to the Lord, for everything, as we celebrate his humble servant”, Rev Pastor Abedine Asoh stressed.


High Risk Missions


Pa  B. Momah, now on retirement, opined that the several awards that Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle is receiving,  are not only  for the remarkable things he has  done these days, but certainly include some of  the remarkable things he did in the past. He disclosed that he was a witness of some of the remarkable things that Ntumfor Halle did in past as a crusader for peace and justice, and so was thus not surprised with he so many awards that he has received. He said Ntumfor Halle is very a courageous man, but cautioned that a time he takes a lot of risks. He explained that a time Ntumfor Halle embarks on some missions that involves high risk to his personal life.

Pa Momah for example cited one of the very risky peace crusading missions which Ntumfor Halle embarked upon some years ago, which was to reconcile two factions of the Northwest Fons that were bitterly opposed to each other, and that also had the hidden hands of some Northwest elite behind, He said he met Ntumfor Halle and strongly advised to disengage himself from the mission to try to reconcile the factions of Northwest Fons, for he was putting his life at risk. Pa Momah said Ntumfor Halle insisted to go ahead with his peace crusading mission to reconcile the factions of Northwest Fons, and told him that God was with him.  Ntumfor Halle at the end succeeded to reconcile the Fons.

Another example that Pa Momah gave, was when Ntumfor Halle was a member of   the National Elections Observatory, NEO, and was in charge of the Northwest Region.  Halle was thus in charge of supervising elections in the Northwest Region.  He said Ntumfor Halle was bent on ensuring free, fair and transparent elections, where as many elite of the ruling party had been used to doing things in their own way at elections.

Pa Momah who then was working for ONEL in  the Bamenda Central , said he a times accompanied Ntumfor Halle to the field, including Santa  which was one of  the most tension packed localities, because Halle stood his ground that all polling stations must be in public places, as stated by Law, and  that elections must be free, fair and transparent.  Pa Momah said things got to the point where after the CPDM elite of Santa failed to intimidate Ntumfor Halle to have their way, a campaign of blackmail and defamation was launched against Numfor Halle. Pa Momah said he really feared for Ntumfor Halle’s life, but that Ntumfor who looked unperturbed, told him that God was with him.

Meanwhile, reacting to Pa Mumah’s eye witness accounts about some the very risky missions that Ntumfor took in his peace and justice crusading missions, the Chairman of the Triple Award Event, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, Bishop Emeritus of Buea, said when somebody is leaning on God, he does not fear.


An Illustrious Son Of Awing


Meanwhile, Thompson Mofor Tawo, who represented the Fon of Awing at the Triple Awards Event, said Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle is an illustrious son of Awing, and that Awing is so proud of him. On behalf of the Fon of Awing and the Awing Community, the Fon’s representative warmly congratulated Ntumfor Halle for the record number of awards or distinctions he has received in recognition of the several good  things he has been doing for humanity and society.

The Fon’s representative also asserted that Ntumfor Halle is also a big agent of development, and a very generous man. He stated that the finger prints of Ntumfor Halle can be found in many palaces, many Churches, many schools among others, in the country. “You do not only inspire Awing people, but you inspire the world at large. May God bless you and your family”, the representative of the Fon of Awing told Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle.

Meanwhile when the Chairman of the Triple Awards Event, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, Bishop Emeritus of Buea, was asked about his feelings at the end of the occasion, he said: “I FEEL GOOD. I AM GRATEFUL FOR THE GREAT CELEBRATION “.

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