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Omam Esther Pledges To Do More, After Presenting Global Pluralism Award To SW Governor

by Atlantic Chronicles

Southwest Governor, Okalia and Global Pluralism Award winner, Omam Esther 

By Andrew Nsoseka

The Executive Director of Reach Out Cameroon, Omam Esther has pledged to more than ever before, put more efforts in reaching out to the needy, and fighting for a return to peace in the crisis-ravaged Northwest and Southwest regions, as well as other areas of Cameroon ravaged by conflicts.

The multi-award-winning peace crusader and humanitarian made the pledge on December 29, in Buea, at the Southwest Governor’s office, where she, accompanied by a multitude of women in the civil society sector, went to present her Global pluralism award, recently won in Canada to the Regional Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai.


Omam Esther and other women in women in Civil Society Organisations sitting in with Southwest Governor

Omam said the award recognised the important work Reach Cameroon has been carrying out, not in the Southwest, but in the Northwest and other five regions of Cameroon. “It is about the work we have been doing to address social justice, discrimination, and marginalisation, and bringing life-saving solutions to vulnerable populations in affected communities. Adding to that is the humanitarian response peace mediation we have been doing. All these culminated into this award”, she told journalists.

The Laurette whose work stood over those of some 200 participants from 61 countries said she has been at the centre of women’s voices fronting for peace and has been the at the origin of many peace initiatives which she not only brought to light but has when needed, led other women to clamour and pressure for peace.  “The commitment is now more than ever before, we have done advocacy meetings, we have gone to places to see that our children go back to school, we have given food and relief, addressing gender-based violence…we have a peace house, which serves as a safe house in this region, especially for women who have been subject by violence. We have been carrying out community dialogue and mobile health screening in various communities. As a result of what we have been seeing, we are forced to carry out holistic approaches to what we are doing so that we touch the people in one way or the other cause stability in the communities which we are serving”, she said.


Omam Esther speaking to the press at the Southwest Governor’s office

On his part, Southwest regional Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai congratulated Omam Esther for her work and trophy, describing it as a win for the whole region. He congratulated Omam Esther and the women, for taking an engagement and following it through, to in their own way, fight for peace and normalcy to return to the troubled regions of Cameroon. He said as mothers, the women have leverage and the power to cause separatist fighters in the Anglophone regions to drop weapons and embrace peaceful approaches when confronting a problem. He urged Oman Esther, to continue with her engagement for a return to peace, so that in the near future, there will be more reasons to celebrate.

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