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Cameroon’s Epic Movie, “The Entitled” Premieres In Douala

by Atlantic Chronicles
The Entitled

By Andrew Nsoseka

Another enthralling Cameroon movie, “The Entitled”, will hit the screens, Friday, October 16, at Douala Bercy Akwa.

The movie produced by renowned actress, Helen Eweli, is one with a storyline, and setting which the Cameroonian audience can easily identify and relate with.

The movie showcases the story of: Clyde Obasi (Frank Sire) who operates a marketing firm alongside his beloved half-brother, Luke Obasi (Prince Ojay). Clyde tries so hard to balance a busy and demanding work schedule and family, with his newly wedded and heavily pregnant wife, Juliet Obasi (Eweli Helen).

The movie paints a synopsis, where, everything is going so well until Audrey (Helen Nchung), Juliet’s cousin shows up to assist her during her final trimester. Audrey had a crush on Clyde from way back then, and Luke, being under his brother, feels like he doesn’t get what he deserves. Old crushes will turn into obsession, and jealousy into betrayal as Luke connives with Audrey to make Clyde’s life miserable and Juliet to suffer the collateral damage. The storyline goes.

About the producer

Eweli Helen is a Cameroonian movie producer, actress, model and entrepreneur.

She began her career as a model. This modelling career made her to participate in Miss Cameroon 2010, Miss Diligent Africa from 2012-2013 and Miss West Africa 2012.
Eweli has graced several runways as a professional model for fashion shows like Afric Collection, Annual Show and several others, in and out of the country.
She has featured in movies like ‘A little lie, a little kill’, ‘The Syndicate’ ‘Ceaser’ and others.
Her journey as a Movie Producer began in 2019 when she created her production company dubbed Eweli Entertainment. From there, she produced the TV series ‘The People’s Story’ same year.

The TV series-‘The people’s story’ in 2019, was her first-ever production which gave her so much stress as her first-ever production of a TV series. After the stressful production of the series, Eweli decided to cool off herself with “The Entitled”.

She is also preparing for a much bigger production to come before the end of the year, one of her collaborators revealed.

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