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Bilingualism Commission Secures SW Regional Office

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea-Cameroon) A delegation from the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multi-culturalism, NCPBM, Tuesday, November 26, secured a building that will serve as the Commission’s Southwest Regional office.

The delegation, led by the Commission’s Secretary-General, Dr. Cornelius Chi Asafor, first met with the Secretary-General at the Southwest Governor’s Office before moving to the Regional Delegation of State Property and Land Tenure, to inspect the structure that will host the Buea office. 


Two offices were chosen and its occupants given a month to vacate the premises and make way for the Commission.

Dr. Chi Asafor explained that members of the Commission met on January 31 this year, and decided to set up Regional Branches of the Commission.

“Our strategy of deployment wants that, at every Regional headquarters, we implant a Regional Service, which will help the Commission to be nearer the people because Cameroonians are the final beneficiaries of our services,” he said.

He said citizens can only understand what the Commission is all about, if they move on foot or pay a taxi and drop their complaints, preoccupations, and denunciations at the office of the Commission.

“As you very well know, the Commission has as mission, to receive complaints and denunciations from citizens, who have suffered discrimination, based on their language or culture”.


He said they have put in place the effective deployment of Regional Services by January 2020. “That is why we are here today, we met the Governor of the Southwest Region, here represented by the Secretary-General, we also met the Regional Delegate of Land Tenure and State Property, and they have identified structures that can host NCPBM, so you can see that all State Services are directly involved in making this policy of the President work.”

Dr. Chi Asafor said by January 2020 their offices will go operational.


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