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CRM’s Decision To Boycott February 2020 Elections Is Patriotic-Expert

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Cameroon) In my mind, am thinking of conviction and ambition. I am coming back as I had promised, to my faithfully purposeful readers and listeners. Something is happening among other things in Cameroon. I welcomed the convening of the twin electorate with mixed feelings. It is legal and legitimate for Cameroon as a “sovereign” nation to renew its municipal and legislative assemblies and authorities, but it is not right and fair to legitimise and authenticate the 1916 brutal partition of Cameroon as in 2018 and in 2020 again.

The decision of CRM to participate in electoral apathy by a nationwide boycott is based on conviction. In effect, the political conviction of CRM is based on and driven by leadership and not rulership. It is a demonstration of vocational political service. I would add that CRM’s decision once again has proven that politics is not a profession where people come in or get recruited to earn a living, but a convictional vocation to sacrifice by spending for the people. Political ambitions should not, therefore, shield political convictions.


In politics, conviction precedes an ambition. Where political ambitions appear certainly and aberrantly repugnant to vocational convictions, there should inarguably be desistence. This implies that political ambitions must be respected and enhanced only when they are in consonance to ultimate conviction. The public should not forget the basis, objective for which CRM was created. I understand some are sentimentally castigating the decision as a Bafia dance. Yes, they are ignorant of the fact that once a furtherant driver is engaging to climb a hill, he uses half-clutch while the vehicle is on king gear, to move back a bit, before firing the accelerator. But another value is the sensitivity to change. The interest of the masses above any other, but what then of the party?

It would appear suicidal for the party by boycotting the 2020 elections. Roadside analysts claim that CRM is incapable, as the party couldn’t compile on time and couldn’t be represented even in half of the country. The party on her side excellently presents her motives which are all in consonance to national realities. One doesn’t need a mirror in front and behind of mirrors.  If actually, the boycott is suicidal, then it’s the optimum level or apex of patriotism. Cameroon doesn’t need less than that. CRM wants to participate but there is an urgent need not to do so. Others prefer their wants against national interest but CRM is grounded on national interest.

I equally understand that those who ignore conviction for ambitions are gyrating in minds and in tongues that CRM is preparing for an uprising. Indeed in my mind, an uprising which is a legal, legitimate, constitutionalised right and necessity in the face of “demoncracy” is inevitable. Cameroon has only one solution to her problems, it is a revolution. CRM is a revolutionary party, a holy movement against cross-sections of political evil and injustice.


In conclusion of this, am thinking that those who worship political ambitions should go their way in tolerance while those who honour political convictions and practice politics as a vocation and not profession should go their way. Cameroon is owned by Cameroonians and not by 180 +100 MPs. Cameroon does not belong to over a thousand councillors or a President. Cameroon belongs to over 25million citizens. If 24million choose not to vote and 1.3million vote, it is rational for the 1.3million to humbly give way by joining the rest in electoral apathy for the sake of true and fair justice. Let the administration learn not to judge the people with the same laws the people are revolting against.

Don’t forget, am thinking.

By Mformi Francis, International Relations Expert/ Consultant


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