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University Of Buea: Another PhD Defence Recorded At JMC Department 1 Year On

by Atlantic Chronicles

Otto Enyame Lyonga has been lecturing at UB’s journalism department prior to his PhD defence

By Eyongeta Eyong, *Krys Kofi, *Moran Achingale, & *Rounette Gubui

One year after two Stephens bagged doctorate degrees at University of Buea’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, another candidate from the same department has received a doctorate degree after a thesis defence session on Saturday, July 24, 2021.

The newly christened Doctor Otto Enyame Lyonga scored 87/100 after defending on the topic: “The Role of Communication Channels in Reproductive Health Care Behaviour of Women in Buea Health District”.

His defence now endows the JMC department with three new journalism Doctors in just one year, with several other doctoral candidates from the department on the waiting list.

Talking on the relevance of his thesis to the public and to the academic core, Otto Enyame said: “This is very significant because women and children continue to die every day and we have been able in this work to know exactly the communication channels that women prefer to get information on maternal and neonatal health, and we are bringing in a new theoretical perspective in the fight against maternal and neonatal mortality.”

The defence session was chaired by Prof Nol Alembong, UB’s Deputy Vice Chancellor for teaching and research, who was assisted by a defence panel consisting of: Prof Emmanuel Yenshu (candidate’s supervisor); Associate Prof Kingsley Ngange (Co-supervisor); Prof Enoh Tanjong and Associate Prof Julius Che Tita.

Some members of the academia, among them Co-supervisor, Prof Kingsley Ngange, raised issues on how the candidate addressed plagiarism on his thesis which allegedly tested 40 percent positive after a plagiarism test; alongside the fact that the candidate had no pre-publication before his defence which happens to be part of academic requirements for a Doctorate defence in the University of Buea.

Amid the plagiarism concerns raised on the thesis, the candidate, Otto Enyame, told the press that plagiarism in the academic milieu “is common, but it is not common with me. Every work goes through a plagiarism test and it was submitted. I’m just wondering why people are just so keen about my work. If they are talking about issues like that, all the works should be tested and then let’s see the results publicly…”

He said the thesis was completed under the watchfulness of his supervisors, Prof Emmanuel Yenshu and Ass. Prof Kingsley Ngange, both of them also holding the positions of Dean of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, and Head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, respectively.

“I want to begin by thanking my professors immensely, Prof Emmanuel Yenshu, who is the supervisor, and Dr Kingsley Ngange for their inputs to this work,” said Dr Otto Enyame.

After going through several challenges to realise his project, Dr Otto Enyame said  “with God all things are possible.”

*(UB Journalism Students on Internship)

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