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UB Takes Steps To Revamp Alumni Association

by Atlantic Chronicles
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The University of Buea, UB, has taken steps to revamp its Alumni Association and platform, through which the University will be able to keep in touch, liaise and partner with its thousands of former students, for the betterment of the institution.

The decision was recently taken following deliberations chaired by the Registrar of UB, Professor Ernest L. Mulua, on how to better connect the UB community, past and present, in ways that they all can feel a sense of belonging in their alma mater. Following the decision to revamp its Alumni Association, the University hierarchy instructed various establishments to designate Focal Points.


In the faculty of Law and Political Science, the Faculty Dean, Professor Atangcho Nji Akonumbo, designated John Walah Mua, Instructor in the Department of Political Science and Comparative Politics, as the Focal Point.

On what his tasks, like that of other Focal Points in other faculties, will be, John Walah Mua said, as Focal Point, his main duty will be to act as the liaison person between the Faculty and the Public Relations office at the  Central Administration of UB.  He will be in charge of constituting the database for the faculty, which will be channelled to Central Administration

“With the Alumni Association and database, UB will be able to reconnect with her thousands of former students. When the UB community is completed with a functional Alumni Association, we will be able to act like other world Universities. UB too will have an association of proud students who will unite for the greater good.


“Like other universities around the world, UB’s Alumni Association can identify priority needs of the University, and sponsor them, so that their alma mater can benefit from their contributions, so as to continue to be a place where students who passed through can proudly identify with,” Walah Mua said.

To collect the needed information about students, and reconnect them with the University, students coming back to collect their attestation of results or their certificates will be required to fill a form that will enable UB to build the Alumni database.

Presently, the University has sent out Google Documents through which former students in different parts of the world and those who are in faraway places can fill their basic needed contact information, so as to be added to the database, through which they can be able to deliberate and participate in Alumni activities that concern the University of Buea.  


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