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Therapy: An Enthralling Cameroonian Movie You Must Watch!!!

by Atlantic Chronicles

Gone are the days when Cameroonians could only sit back and watch Hollywood and Nollywood movies.

The new breed of Cameroonian movie producers is changing the dynamics of African movies, tapping expertise from diverse backgrounds and producing movies that meet the need of home consumers and global movie-loving audiences.

The fascinating movie titled Therapy, is testament that the Cameroon Movie Industry has come of age. Produced by Ermelinde Simo Sakah Jing and Sakah Antoine, and starring the best actors and actresses in an out of the country, Therapy is a movie you can’t afford to miss.


Talking about the Cast, the movie’s Producers said they decided to bring in two Nollywood Legends: Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) and Iretiola Doyle to give the movie its majestic aura.

“These two have more than 60 years of acting experience, RMD more than 35 years and Iretiola Doyle more than 25 years. Undoubtedly, this is the kind of springboard the Cameroon Movie Industry needed.”

Back home, SAM’S PRODUCTION decided to go in for the best that the Cameroonian Movie Industry has to offer. The producers got the likes of Alenne Menget, Syndy Emade, Ermelinde Simo Sakah Jing, Lucie Memba Bos, Neba Godwill Awantu, Ndula Flora Obassi, and Otia Vitalis and others.

The talented cast was managed by a talented crew.

The making of Therapy

To ensure that the final outcome of the movie is worth the wait, the production team settled for two Directors; Anurin Nwunembom and Musing Derick, who have amassed more than 10 years of experience in the movie industry.

To ensure that Therapy comes out with quality images, SAM’S PRODUCTION went for Rene Etta Tabot, whose expertise did not disappoint.


Raphael Efim Obi handled the lighting, while the very talented Priestly Andoh Egeh was the sound maestro.

The Production Designer, Willston Muluh Mokom, made the actors and actresses handsome and very beautiful.

Despite the hurdles stifling the Cameroon Movie Industry like marketing and distributing output, the Producers of Therapy settled for the best.

The Producers are hoping that with good marketing and distribution networks, they will produce many more such quality movies and work in synergy with colleagues in Nigeria.

Producing Therapy

One of the setbacks of the Cameroon Movie Industry is inadequate infrastructure. There are inadequate houses, especially guest houses where movies can be shot.

Inadequate infrastructure poses a huge problem because even if the production teams assemble the best cast and crew without the necessary infrastructure, it will be lots of pain and no gain.

Again, Money needed to finance good movies is scarce. In Cameroon, the well-to-do, especially businessmen and economic operators need to come on board and support the producers. The necessary sponsorships are completely absent. Just like Sports or Agriculture, much money is needed in film making, given that a movie has three phases, the Pre-Production, the Production and Post-Production phases and lots of funds are required.

Lack of funding has been the principal reason stifling movie production in Cameroon.

Curious persons and fans of the soon to be released movie, Therapy, can contact the production team, SAM’S PRODUCTION, on Facebook and Instagram, and on phone via +237 683686951.

Therapy stars the African legendary @mofedamijo, @iretidoyle and Cameroon top-notch likes of @ermelindesakahjing@alennemenget  @syndyemade @luciemembabos @nebagodwill @mrsobasyndula

Produced by @ermelindesakahjing@sakah_antoine.

Directed by @musingdericktenn @artnurin, DOP @reneetta, Gaffer @rapha_obi_tambe, PM @bankz_bantar, Continuity @jessienehwah, Production design @willstonmokom, Makeup @maminewlook, @lelioachanga, Sound @simplypriestly, Props @jollylivebooks, Photo credit @switch.entertainment.


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