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Putting Nso On The Map (Wir dze wir bih wir)

by Atlantic Chronicles

The Nso man has been described as a struggling man, and is quite industrious. Since the post independence era, Nso has had some of the most successful business magnets in Cameroon’s grass field after the Bamilekes. Names like Kilo Sylvester, Shey Lukong Isaac, Ba Sakah, Shey Tasha Laurence, etc. come to mind when talking about successful Nso business men. These people played a very vital role in the development of businesses in the Nso land. Though they did this using rudimentary methods available to them, mostly characterised by the lack of Information Technology, they managed to stay and prosper and have left huge legacies.

Business today has changed with the advent of globalisation fostered by growing technology where information travels in seconds reaching a lot of people at the same time. There’s an observed steady increase in online presence of businesses owned and operated by Nso youths such as Betts Organics, Chris Carter Fashion Shop, Suiyen Services Ltd, Padisco Shoes, Karishma Mothercare, just to name these very few. It should be noted, and importantly so, that women are even more involved as opposed to the yesteryears. 

It is worth noting that the owners of the above named business and hundreds of others are passion driven individuals or groups of Nso descent who deserve great support from the millions of Nso people around the globe. Patronizing them via their Social media handles like facebook, instagram etc. would be a great plus for Nso and Cameroon as well.

The NSODA Youth Forum Initiative which is currently being built has seemingly come to open ways for Nso youth in all spheres and complement/unite the efforts of other youth initiatives like the Nkumbiwa Youth Forum.

As earlier mentioned, the business wave has changed and young people are now trying to grow on the legacies of the respected old generation.

There remains however, a huge gap between these generations that should be closed up through intergenerational dialogue and mentoring, to enable knowledge and experience passage. With that, and the current resources available with technology, the new wave of Nso entrepreneurs would stand greater chances of succeeding and gaining grounds within the Cameroonian and African business worlds.

Together, we can!

Ngah Christian Ntanyele

CEO Chris Carter Fashion Shop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Carterbeautyfashion/

Website: https://chriscarterfashionshop.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/chris_carter_fashion_shop?igshid=1nr2js4zykw15

Waren Lee

Nsofirst Youth Coordinator

CEO Suiyen Services Ltd

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suiyenservicesltd/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/suiyenservicesltd?igshid=64vymbtwicpw

Website: https://suiyenservices.com/

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