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New SW ELECAM Boss, Zofoa Njoya Calls On Youths To Prepare For 2025 Presidential

by Atlantic Chronicles

From Left: Newly installed Zofoa Njoya Sake; ELECAM Director General Dr Erik Essousse and outgoing Mewanu Divine

By Hope Nda

The new Southwest Regional Delegate of Elections Cameroon, Zofoa Njoya Sake, has taken command following his installation in Buea on March 5.

Zofoa, who previously held the same position in the Northwest Region, was installed and assigned his official responsibilities by the Director General of ELECAM, Dr Erik Essousse.

The 51-year-old’s principal assignment, according to Dr Essousse, is to ensure optimal voter registration among youths of the Southwest in prelude to the 2025 Presidential polls.

We call on him to continue the good job that his predecessor has done in this Region by sensitising the population to be registered in electoral list; to manage very well our properties; to manage very well the personnel, who are the main resource for any institution and to do all other duties that are in the law,” Dr Essousse said.

Sake replaced Mewanu Divine, who goes on a befitting retirement after investing four decades of his lifetime in the Cameroonian public service.

Both officials received congratulatory accolades from Dr Essousse as well as the Mayor of Buea, David Mafany Namange, for their commitment at ELECAM since they joined the institution in 2010.

The incoming Regional Delegate, Zofoa Njoya Sake, is a brilliant scholar who has garnered ample experience in elections management over nearly two decades.

Leaving from the Northwest, a Region that has been troubled by seven years of armed conflict to the Southwest, the challenges awaiting him in the Southwest are bound to be similar.

The most pressing task will to get more voters on the electoral list within the remaining 19 months to the presidential elections.

“It’s actually one of the assigned duties for me to see that we call on all the youths, call on all the population, those who are of 20 years and above to enrol, to be inscribed on the electoral register,” he said.

“It will help them to choose their leaders tomorrow. Those who are still dragging their feet, I’m calling on them to come on board and register en masse. 2025 is next door. Preparation is now.”

Njoya Sake’s responsibilities, the ELECAM Director General said, will include material planning, specific organisation and monitoring of election or referendum operations; monitoring of voter enrollment and issuing of voter cards; management and distribution of elections materials; forwarding of election results from the Southwest; coordination of transmission of elections reports, among other duties.



Zofoa Njoya Sake was Born on 21 February 1973 at Babungo, Ngoketunjia Division, Northwest Region. The husband and father of seven has a first degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Dschang and a Bachelor’s in Management Science.

His career in elections management began with the National Elections Observatory in 2004. He was among the first batch of recruits when ELECAM was created in 2010.

That year, he was posted to the Babessi Council area in the Northwest where served as the ELECAM kit operator in that Subdivision.

He held the post until 2015 when he was promoted to Council Branch Head for Ako Subdivision.

In 2021, Zofoa Njoya Sake was again promoted to Divisional Branch Head for Donga Mantung where he served until 2022 when he was appointed Regional Delegate for the Northwest.

Meantime, Mewanu Divine came to ELECAM in 2010. He first served as the branch head for Meme Division in the Southwest from 2010 to 2018, when he was appointed Regional Delegate.

Both his hierarchy and collaborators attested that he was a diligent worker who earned praise for his devotion.

“He served our institution with so much, loyalty devotion and commitment that earned him several commendations from his hierarchy,” Dr Essousse said.

Mayor David Mafany Namange lauded the outgoing official for his work ethics during his six years of service in Buea.

The installation of Zofoa Njoya in Buea was attended by dozens of his Babungo kinsmen who animated the event with singing and dancing.

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