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Northwest Coffee Association Distributes Fertilizer To Boost Production

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Kevin Agbor

BAMENDA, Cameroon- The Northwest Coffee Association, NWCA, has distributed hundreds of bags of fertilizers to its farmers in the entire region so as to boost production of coffee in 2020.

The distribution exercise was carried out in Bamenda, on Saturday, May 2, and coordinated by the General Manager, Mr Timothy Waindum Ntam. He beseeched sub-managers to multiply their efforts and assist farmers for a remarkable production.

Talking during the distribution exercise, Mr Timothy Waindum said: “The Ministry of Agriculture allocated some funds which we have used to buy different types of fertilizers to boost output this year.”

“We also received 1 million USD to buy Arabica coffee and by now we were supposed to have sent out 50 percent but we are at 25 percent,” he added.

On his part, Peter Kentum Ngoran, president of Oku farmers’ cooperative, said his cooperative, “as of last year, supplied 123 tons of coffee and that is why we have been given the highest number of bags of fertilizers and other chemicals.  We were given 50 NPK 20 10 10, 50 UREA, 151 KALAO, 176 STAROMIL, 70 PLANTIMA, 132 GLYCOT, PROD , and 59 RAFALE which will help us as Oku farmers in the increase on output.”

At the event, bags of fertilizers were handed out to 13 different cooperatives, with Oku, Nso, and Fundong emerging as the highest beneficiaries.

On problems faced by the farmers, they noted that Anglophone crisis has made it difficult for them to meet up with their 50 percent supply of coffee to the head office, since most of the farms have been turned into battlefields by separatist fighters and government forces. Together with the epileptic power supply, coffee output has slowed in the region.

The NWCA produces two types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is made up of five grades. GG, I, II, III, and Triage, while the Arabica has 6 different grades all produced in the Northwest Region.

During the event, NWCA received a lifetime award for its steady supply of quality coffee. The reason for the award dates way back to the days of the West Cameroon Marketing Board, when Santa Coffee Estate served as a source of employment to many West Cameroonians.

At the event, the Government was implored to provide good roads for a better output in the region.

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