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Meet Godisz Fungwa, Cameroon Movie Industry’s Biggest Revelation

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Once upon a time, a young and enterprising man, Godisz Fungwa was born in Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon. Growing up in a family that had many ambitions, Godisz had set up his mind towards the mountain, hoping to reach there one day, as far as acting is concerned.

In his secondary school days, his zeal of becoming an actor was nurtured especially when he became part of his school’s theatre troupe and Noble Theater Arts Entertainment, which he co-founded.

Even though his parents considered it as a more useful distraction for a teenager, the award-winning Godisz pushed on despite the odds. Getting into the University of Buea, his burning desire grew stronger as he opted to build a career in the background of films, working with a production house known as New Generation Entertainment (NEGENET).

At NEGENET, he acted as a production assistant on sets especially movies like “Breach of Trust”, “Broken marriage” and “A man for the weekend”.

His enthusiasm and dexterity in production management caught the attention of Cameroonian director and actor, Nkanya Nkwai who registered him for a training organised by festival Ecran Noir in 2017 “Formation Iscac”.  Armed with skills, he began working in different movie sets under Karl Safindah as assistant production manager.

In 2018, he decided, with a group of friends and colleagues including Wilfred Planner, Konfor Lisette, Franzel, to venture into acting and doing their own productions through their Timeless Pictures production house. He featured in movies among others “At First Sight* and the viral “Pickpocket” skit and “Richard” web series.

His years of working behind the camera started paying off when he featured in a starring role in a movie title ‘Saving Mbango’. Today, ‘Saving Mbango’ has become Godisz breakthrough performance.

He is unique, raw, intense and unmatched. Scene after scene and line after line, Godisz delivers a sparingly award-winning performance, contorting himself through a wringer of emotions such as joy, anger, foolishness, blindness and selflessness that characterises true love, and grief. He is described by many, as effortless, steady, and confident.

Undoubtedly, ‘Saving Mbango’ has placed Godisz at the top of Cameroon’s movie industry. He is unquestionably, Cameroon movie industry’s biggest revelation.

Within a short time in the industry, he has been recognised as best actor in several events in and out of the country. After featuring in Saving Mbango, Godisz has been nominated best actor at the 2020 Black Continental Independence Movie Awards, 2020 Festival Ecrans Noir and 2020 17th edition of the Abuja International Film Festival.

In 2019, he was voted best actor in the New Breed Africa Foundation when the movie, Pick Pocket was selected. Also, he was also voted as best actor in the Daval Comedy Compex in 2019.

He has also acted as production manager in movies such as the Fisherman’s Diary, Where I Come From, Wardzee and A Good Time to Divorce, among others.

Having featured in more than 10 movies, he has worked with the likes of Ramsey Noah, Nigerian award winner actor, Alenne Menget, Achille Brice, Nkanya Nkwai, Onyama Laura, Francoise among a host of other stakeholders in and out of the country.

The once ‘behind camera boy’ Godisz Fungwa is a passionate actor with incredible talent. He is a flag bearer of cinema in Cameroon. He is also a BA holder in English language and holder of a diploma in performing and visual arts from the University of Buea.

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