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Meet Blessing Afah, Matchless Actress In Cameron’s Film Industry

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

YAOUNDE, Cameroon – Blessing Afahnyuy is a chocolate-skinned tall Cameroonian actress who is gradually making her way through in the Cameroon film industry. She is popularly known as Afah Love.

Even though considered a she-male just because of the way she does her things, the native of Pinyin in Santa Division in the Northwest Region, in her uniqueness, is earning a special place in the industry.

The urge, determination and desire to satisfy her fans have pushed her to work towards giving her best, whenever she is given the opportunity.

“I love acting so much that when I have the opportunity to feature in a movie, I always want to give my fans the best. Onset, I always want my fans to see the character in Afah and not the Afah in the character. That has been my push,” Blessing Afah said.

Since taking up the commitment to bring out the best in her through the movie world some seven years ago, the journey hasn’t been smooth, though not very tough, but she has to move forward.

“It hasn’t been an easy journey, but being a woman, the road has been very rocky with a lot of speed breaks. There were moments I go for auditions, I am cast and ready to the task ahead of me, but a certain director or producer will want more from me, before I can take up the role. I end up losing it because I failed to give what they want,” she said.

Blessing Afah added; “I have miss featuring in some movies simply because of influential people in the industry, called them ‘old faces’ or ‘A-class’. They come to the set and decide or influence the producer to cast their friends or characters they think are stars. Nonetheless, I can say that I have overcome them. We have fought the battle and, today, the results are coming.”

However, other national senior colleagues like Adela Alad, Adel Dikana, Claudia Fonghuh, Candy Laurice, Irene Nangi, Ngato Brian Prince Ojah and others, have given her the push. International actors and actresses like Mercy Johnson, Megan Good, have also contributed to where she is today.

Besides everything, Blessing Afah has featured in about 15 movies, some of which include Afrokons, Full Moon, Yekong’s Cross, Ijang Winds, Drops, Foreign Illusion and so on.

Talking about the Cameroon Film Industry, Afah thinks that the rate at which the industry is growing is high. Since Cameroonians actors and actresses have started winning awards out of the country, she believes it is a sign that something big is in the pipeline.

To compete and be at the top, the actress stressed that; “We have to be united. We need to support our own, no matter where it is coming from. If we stop forming cliques and work as a team, we will take over Africa and the world. Nigeria is not more than us, we are more blessed than them, especially when it comes to culture. We have a vast culture and we need to carefully exploit it.”

While having confidence in the talents that exist in the industry, Blessing Afah appeals to the Government to invest in the sector because it is going to employ hundreds of youths.

“Even though we are pleading to the Government to invest in the sector, young and aspiring film actors and actresses should know that the journey to success is not easy. It is not very smooth, but you need to be patient, exercise self-respect and pray hard. Ladies, don’t feel that just because you have one or two things with the producer or director, you have arrived in the industry. They will use you, dump you and go for the upcoming actresses. Be careful,” Afah advises.

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