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Mayor Ekema’s Successor Relays Business Destruction Baton, As Garbage Piles On Streets

by Atlantic Chronicles

Dr. Efande Lyonga, successor of late Buea Municipality’s Mayor, Patrick Ekema Esunge, has relayed the Mayor’s landmark destruction baton, through which business premises that are closed on Mondays are either smashed to the ground, or sealed.

Immediately after he was approved the interim Mayor of Buea, Dr. Efande Lyonga, on Monday, November 10, continued from where his predecessor left, destroying fruits stands, mobile money kiosks, and all other petit-business structures whose owners were respecting ghost town calls by Separatist fighters and advocates.


In neighbourhoods where the Buea Council officials and the destruction clique passed, they left behind shattered structures, sealed businesses and grieving business owners, who had erroneously thought that with the passing of Mayor Ekema, harassment of their business premises will be a thing of the past.

“I thought the destruction and sealing of shops was a thing of the past, with the death of Mayor Ekema. It appears nothing will change. From all indications, Ekema might not have been acting on his own accord; maybe he was tele-guided. If the new man, knowing how Ekema was hated for this, goes on to do same, then, nothing will change,” a shop owner remarked.

From Great Soppo, to the Mile 17 Motor Park, small business structures that were unmanned on November 4, lay shattered, most beyond repairs. Metal structures like Mobile Money kiosks, had their roofs punctured severally, and in some cases, the sides damaged in ways that will need skilled welders to straighten and repair them back to their former shapes. Business premises that were found in conventional buildings had their doors simply sealed with the Council seal. In some business structures where some hard-to-move items were left out, the Council team, with their heavy metal equipment, destroyed the goods.

Council Team Skips Over Dirt To Destroy

As the Council team moved on destroying business premises of those adhering to the civil disobedience call, they conspicuously passed over and even destroyed some business premises located near over-flowing waste collection points.


For over a week, waste deposited along the roads and in the inner quarters of Buea has gone uncollected. In some cases, waste overflowing from its usual points, have blocked gutters, with some domestic animals and birds, helping to spread it around, making breathing unpleasant. In some formally clean patches along the Biya Boulevard in Buea, piles of uncollected waste have become very visible, as the company in charge of waste collection, HYSACAM, has not been spotted around doing its job.

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