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Limbe City Mayor Gives Balance Sheet Of Exploits, Achievements After First 100 Days In Office

by Atlantic Chronicles

The new City Mayor of Limbe, Paul Efome Ngale, has clocked 100 days in office as City Mayor of the iconic seaside town.

 He was elected on March 4 to replace the late Andrew Motanga.

100 days after, the City Mayor has enumerated strides and also Challenges which he has encountered in his first 100 days in office.

Speaking at a press conference to mark the 100 days in office, the City Mayor said, his mandate is built on the following vision: “Building Peace, Building Love, Building Trust, Building our Communities and Building our City.”

Achievements Recorded

The city mayor acknowledged that, his priority when he took over office was the payment of salaries.

“When I took office in March 2022, sincerely things were difficult for the LCC. I met an account that was negative and at “double red” as I love to tell you. On top of this, the workers had gone for some six months without salaries. Even the casual workers had overdue payments. This could be explained by the effects of the socio-political crisis that has been plaguing the Northwest and Southwest Regions and also due to the fire incident that ravaged SONARA instalments in 2019 which prevented the City council from receiving much needed funds for its running. Noting that SONARA alone accounted for over 65 percent of the revenues of the LCC.  The situation was a reality and threatened the smooth working environment at the Limbe City council as workers had gone for months without salaries.”

Completion Of The New Market Project

He stated that, his new administration exalted pressure on the implementing companies to rapidly finish works and hand over the new market to the council.

“The New Limbe Main Market project whose construction was triggered in August 2020, thanks to a loan from FEICOM, was supposed to see its first stage completed months back. This is a 2.2 billion Francs project that is destined to transform and modernise the commercial landscape of Limbe. But after my observations, I found unacceptable, the very slow pace of some contractors, and it caused the city council to lose much needed revenue which could have been raised by the renting of the new market stores.

“In the face of this, I summoned all the contractors involved and the control mission to a serious meeting. Together with my technical team, we x-rayed all the contracts and apportioned responsibilities and promised sanctions to enterprises that did not respect our deadline. Right after that, results paid off as presently, two of the four lots of the New Limbe Main Market Project have been received by the Limbe City Council. That twin two-story market buildings of 61 stores each were provisionally received. All this was possible thanks to the new impulsion I pumped in for the development of our city.”

Paul Efome Ngale, Limbe City Mayor

Fight Against The Cholera Outbreak

In March 2022, the City of Limbe came under cholera attack. The city mayor said Limbe like others in “the Southwest fell under a serious health threat, Cholera. The cholera outbreak was swift and ruthless as in a short period of time; many Limbe inhabitants were contaminated with some even losing their lives. Hospitals were overwhelmed with patients and sanitary equipment became insufficient. This situation became my constant concern as I had to do something to help my people. I thus decided to act promptly.

“Since knowledge is power, the Limbe City Council started by sensitising the population on how to prevent the disease, how to cure it and were to do that.”

He continued that, “Step two was that I made important donations to health establishments in Limbe to support their courageous efforts in combatting the epidemic. We did the following amongst many other things:

”Provision and installation of 6 pyramid tents and emergency kits. Offered 50 mattresses of medical quality to the Limbe Regional Hospital Mile 1, 500 intervention Fluids, 500 intervention cannula, 500 drip sets , 02 plaster rolls, 1000g of cotton, 5 litres Spirit (alcohol),10 cartons of Javel water and 10 packets of examination gloves, etc., etc.”

Support to social groups, crucial role in the Coronation ceremony of the paramount Ruler of Limbe are among things the City has executed since the New City Mayor came into office.

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