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Kamto Puts Cameroonians On Red Alert Over Alleged Succession Ploy

by Atlantic Chronicles
Kamto's tweet

Cameroonians have been put on tenterhooks after the National President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, Professor Maurice Kamto, tweeted, denouncing any succession ploy in Cameroon by Government.

The tweet from the opposition leader has been splitting hairs across the national spectrum. Some Cameroonians said Prof Kamto cannot just be tweeting on such a sensitive topic if something sinister is not in gestation.

The battle on social media has been intense between militants of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement, CPDM, and supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM.  Speculations are also rife that the CRM leader might have received vital information about power vacancy at the Etoudi Palace.

 Kamto in the night of Saturday breaking Sunday, May 24, said: “We will not accept the mutual agreement succession in our country, nor new popular elections without consensual reform on the electoral system. Only the Cameroonian people will have to choose their legitimate leaders in freedom and democratic transparency,” he tweeted.

After Kamto’s tweet, many Cameroonians are already speculating that that the octogenarian Biya might be tired and wants to hand over power to his son, Frank Biya.

The speculations are further fuelled by reports that Frank Biya is in the country and is heavily guarded by a convoy of Presidential guards and other State security operatives.

Many are still holding tight to the rumour that has been circulating on the social media that President Paul Biya is no more, despite the two high profile audiences he granted to French Ambassador to Cameroon and the UN envoy, these rumours are still lingering on.

Many Cameroonians were hoping that, with the reappearance of President Paul Biya, May 19, to address the nation, the rumour mould will grind to a halt, but these rumour peddlers have refused to back down.

The recent demise of President Biya’s Medic, Colonel Marius Etoundi and Chantal Biya’s Driver, Joseph Nkot Wara, who allegedly died of COVID-19, has not help matters.

However, some people think that Kamto is just trying to distract the nation and to gain national sympathy from Cameroonians.

Meantime, this is not the first time that the 2018 Presidential candidate is making claims about power vacancy at the Unity Palace.

Some months back, he gave President Paul Biya a seven-day ultimatum that he should prove he was still alive. But President Biya snubbed the ultimatum and resurfaced days later to receive French Ambassador to Cameroon, Christophe Gillou.

He proceeded to receive UN special envoy and later addressed the nation on May 19 ahead of the commemoration of the 48th National Day on May 20.

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