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Journalism Trainer, Cedrick Kamnga, Defends PhD In Sociology

by Atlantic Chronicles

Dr Cedrick Kamnga (middle) flanked by Profs Nol Alembong (R) and Emmanuel Yenshu

after PhD defence

By Andrew Nsoseka, & *Chung Wendy Bright

Journalism and Mass Communication trainer, Cedrick Kamnga, on Friday, September 9,  successfully defended a PhD thesis in Sociology at the University of Buea, and has been awarded a PhD.

The thesis, entitled, “Print Media and Public Accountability In Cameroon’s Democracy: A Sociological Study Of The Role Of The Post, The Guardian Post, and The Sun Newspapers 2016-2020”, concluded that English-language newspapers have played a crucial role in enhancing accountability and the country’s democracy, but must also put in efforts to report or project the government’s side of issues.

The researcher, Dr. Cedrick Kamnga, argued that mass media, in general, and newspapers, in particular, have played a major role in Cameroon before and after the advent of democracy.

“They have advocated for civil rights, liberties and for the freedom of the press,” he noted.

He said his study set out to investigate how Cameroon’s English-language newspapers have made the Government of Cameroon accountable to the public from 2016 to 2020.

The researcher said he sought to describe how The Post, The Guardian Post and The Sun Newspapers reported public accountability issues and he found out that they reported based on their political affiliations.

The way the selected newspapers reported on public accountability issues, he added, evolved between 2016 and 2020.


Dr. Kamnga said his study revealed that “newspapers highlighted negative practices or aspects of bad governance more than good governance, with weight of 11.95 percent against 6.22 percent, respectively, for bad governance practices and good governance practices”.


During the defence session chaired by Prof Nol Alembong, Dr. Cedrick Kamnga argued that the three newspapers he used in his study had a positive record in promoting public accountability in Cameroon.

However, he observed that these newspapers sometimes blurred reality in their reports in favour of political affiliations.

Talking about the project, Dr. Kamnga said: “We cannot have a Government without media because the media has an important role to play.” He, however, furthered that, “The media should remember that the type of stories they publish affect the system in which they circulate”, and as such, “before publishing a story, the media house should rethink if it contributes to national development.”

The defence panel comprised of Prof Emmanuel Yenshu (Supervisor); Prof Nol Alembong (Chairperson); Associate Prof Julius Che Tita (Co- Supervisor); Associate Prof Jean Paul Mbia (Co-supervisor); Associate Prof Afuh Isaiah (Rapporteur I); Associate Prof Kiven James (Rapporteur II); and Associate Prof Martha Ngum (Member) accepted Dr. Kamga’s work recommending to senate that he be awarded a PhD.

They all commended the presentation delivered by the young Doctor.  

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