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Ikome Sako Announces Reinstatement, Incorporation Of S. Cameroons Government In U.S

by Atlantic Chronicles

Dr Ikome Sako, leader of the newly announced reinstated Southern Cameroon’s government

Dr Ikome Sako has announced the restoration of the Government of Southern Cameroons. He also announced the incorporation of the said government and its institutions in Washington DC, saying that they have also obtained trademark protection for their emblems and corporate name.

The revelations were made on December 2, 2023 by the leader of the former Ambazonia Interim Government, now renamed Government of Southern Cameroons. In presenting his case, Ikome Sako said it was important to address “a significant misstep made during the 2017 proclamation. The creators of our declaration primarily focused on establishing new institutions to represent our country, which we had lost to French Cameroon through annexation. This approach has led some international bodies to describe Ambazonia as a fictitious or imaginary entity, seemingly carved out from the NW and SW regions of Cameroon. Had we fully restored the government that was annexed and dissolved by French Cameroon, such characterizations would have been unreasonable. Instead of creating new structures devoid of historical context, we should have followed the path that Foncha would have taken if he were with us today – by simply restoring what was fraudulently taken away from him by Cameroon”, he said.

He went on to say that in line with the new moves, they are picking up with the reinstatement of the various government institutions of Southern Cameroons that were operational before their eventual dissolution when the deal with East Cameroon came. He said as such, they will thus have a composition of a system made up of the Government of Southern Cameroons, The Orders in Council (serving as Constitution), The House of Assembly and House of Chiefs, A Prime Minister of the Government of Southern Cameroons, Various government departments such as Energy, PWD, Education, Agriculture, Police and more.

“We must now decide whether to affirm the integrity of our country and institution by reverting to our original state or continuing with the fabrication. Our comrades in 2017 chose the latter, but we must now take a more resolute stance, aligning our actions with the context of our arguments for our restored independence. To those who agree with the view that the proclamation of our restoration is irreversible, it makes sense that we should fully reinstate the Government of Southern Cameroons, also known as the Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, now, rather not later. We should call ourselves the restored Government of Southern Cameroons in exile because the term “Interim Government” only makes sense if we abandon our argument of restoration before recognition and go for recognition before restoration”, Dr Sako said.

On the incorporation, he said they have “made significant progress in incorporating the Government of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia. We are formally incorporated in Washington DC and have obtained trademark protection for our emblems and our corporate name. Furthermore, our present and future websites are now protected by the corporate and trademark laws of the United States of America”.

Sako said the resolutions arrived at, aligned with resolutions recently arrived at during a Constituent Assembly Session on December 2, 2023. The said resolutions authorised “the President to present a Full Restoration Bill amending the constitution of the Interim Government as follows: Change the Name Interim Government to the Government of Southern Cameroons and/or the Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia; A resolution to adopt a new coat of arms and the Seal for the Government of Southern Cameroons as presented; A resolution to change the name of the Interim Constitution by restoring the name Revolutionary Orders in Council; A resolution to change the name of the IHR to the Southern Cameroons House of Assembly and restore the House of Chiefs; A resolution authorizing the president to Keep Master Access to all government platforms and websites; A resolution authorizing the Government to trademark all important intellectual properties belonging to the Government of the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia”.

By Andrew Nsoseka

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