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ICT University’s Prof Pondi, Beauty Pageants Campaign To Curb Sexual Harassment

by Atlantic Chronicles

The Vice-Chancellor, VC of ICT University, Prof Jean Emmanuel Pondi, has alongside some five top five Cameroonian beauty pageants to break the silence over sexual harassment to end the vice.

Prof Pondi and the pageants made the appeal on the campus of the ICT University, recently. They were speaking during an event organised to rid the American-styled institution of all forms of misconduct in and out of the school milieu.

Discussions also touched on charting ways to address the vice of social misconduct that is ravaging Cameroonian society.  For over an hour, Prof Pondi, a renowned university don and the five beauty pageants educated students on how to curb and rise of sexual harassment.

Prof. Pondi told reporters: “We are living in a society where these things are hardly reported making it spread like wildfire. So we organised this forum to create an awareness in the students especially so that they can join in the fight against sexual harassment in the school milieu”.


Prof Pondi and beauty queens

The ICT University VC also highlighted the importance of students rising against the social vice. He said they must be exemplary in their speeches, thoughts and actions. ” The students are at the centre of this, so they need to stand firm and say no to it. I think if they themselves stand their ground, it will go a long way to eradicate it from our campus and why not the society…”.

The beneficiaries of the enriching discussion were very pleased with the initiative of the schooll. One of the students of ICT University who attended the session told said “ I have been schooled on how to say no to sexual harassment. We girls are mostly victims of such but with this forum it is like a commitment I am taking to say no to sexual harassment.”

The forum had as its main objective to train students and staff on reporting cases of sexual harassment. They were also schooled on sexual misconduct, building a harassment-free campus, procedures for reporting cases and most importantly measures for preventing sexual harassment.

The discussion took place at a time when the school was in the heat of preparations towards the university’s fall semester that comes up in October.

Admission at the school is currently going on to recruit students into one of Cameroon’s pride in higher education that the ICT University is.

The ICT University remains a very strong force in the digitalization of education in the country. It trains students to fit squarely into the global trend of digitalization and contribute in the growth and development of the society. Over the years, the university has produced many job creators who are doing extremely well in the society.

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