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Explosion In Buea Causes Commotion, Injures Many, Damages Cars

by Atlantic Chronicles

First Published on The Post Newspaper, Edition 02140

An explosion in Buea’s student residential neighbourhood, Molyko, beside Total fuel station, in the night of Wednesday, November 11, caused commotion, injured many persons and left several cars, within the range of the explosion, with shattered windscreens and glasses.

After the explosion, a team from The Post rushed to the scene, where shattered windscreens, and glasses, could be seen in front of the fuel station, and across the road. According to some witnesses who spoke to The Post, the explosion took all by surprise, causing commotion.

According to an eyewitness, who was drinking opposite the Total fuel station, they heard a large explosion, which was followed by gunshots from police officers who usually stand on guard beside the petrol station. “We heard the loud explosion and, immediately, the Special Rapid Response Team (ESIR) who were there, checking identity cards of locals, started firing in the air. It caused fear, and people ran into hiding, because we were all confused and scared.”

Car destroyed by explosion in Molyko Buea

Another eyewitness at the scene, a taxi driver said he heard something drop, and was immediately followed by the loud explosion. The driver, who said he had just pulled over beside the fuel station said: “I heard the sound of something dropping, and it was immediately followed by a loud explosion, I was confused and frightened, so I reeved off, before later coming around to see what actually happened.”

Another eyewitness who was drinking nearby, said the incident might have been caused by a device thrown in the vicinity. In his words “the fuel station is flanked by two entrances used by denizens as well as suspect Separatist fighters to get into the neighbourhood. He claimed that an object was hurled in the area by suspect Separatists.

Some of those who witnessed the incident, claimed that the explosion left some people wounded, but The Post could not independently confirm the claim at press time. We can, however, confirm the destruction of cars that were parked within the vicinity, as we meet some that were affected by the blast.

The security guard at the Total fuel station could be heard narrating to security and defence forces who had mobilised around the station, how he was on guard the fuel station, tying a security rope around it and was at the east-end, when the explosion occurred.

“I ran and hid myself because they have told us that you first have to save yourself, before you can save any other person,” he narrated, as his listeners giggled at the idea that he ran and hid himself when he heard the loud explosion. The guard said it was the second time he has witnessed an attack at the station.  

Most of the cars, parked in front, opposite and beside the fuel station which is located between the Mile 17 Motor Park and the University of Buea Junction, had their windshields and glasses either shattered or cracked. The explosion equally destroyed the glass of a pump station at the total fuel station. At press time, no report or claim was made apportioning blame to anyone. 

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