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Customs, Ports Authorities Review Security As Anglophone Crisis Persists

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Njodzeka Danhatu

Customs, ports authorities, and other stakeholders have been urged to ensure the security of ports in Fako Division as the Anglophone Crisis persists.

The call was made in Limbe recently, during a consultative meeting cheered by the representative of the Fako Senior Divisional Officer, Otto Richard.

Otto stated that there is a lack of collaboration among stakeholders in securing the ports in the Division.

participants pose for a picture in front of custom office Limbe

The meeting between customs officials, ports authorities and other partners was held under the theme “the financing of customs and ports authority surveillance during crisis periods.”

During the meeting, the different stakeholders examined the various difficulties in the maintenance of ports surveillance and customs financing and also proposed solutions to the raised challenges.

The challenges include lack of a fence, old edifices, lack of space and poor behaviour from users.

Discussions during the meeting focused on: port surveillance, customs surveillance and financing of customs surveillance were centered on making the various port facilities in Fako Safe.

The ports in Fako Division are Tiko, Bota, Cape Limbo and Idenau Ports.

According to Lionel Nkemforzi, Director of Limbe Port Subdivision, “the socio-political tension in the area and the threats it poses on public edifices including those in the ports’ domain necessitated the consultation meeting.

Security of ports, he explained, is based on persons, cargo and ships.

He called on collaborators to be committed, especially at a critical time like this, when the Anglophone Crisis is still lingering on.

Nkemforzi further stated that the Government has started taking measures to ensure that the construction of Limbe Port is a reality.

He told participants that certain decisions could not be taken in Limbe because the ports there are still under the control of the Douala Port authorities.

Actors from the various ports in Fako, companies, ship owners, representatives from CEMAC countries and other institutions also took part in the workshop.

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