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Buea YCPDM President Launches 3rd Edition Of Inter-quarter Football Tournament

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By Hope Nda

The third edition of David Meende Ndive Inter-quarter Football Tournament, a yearly competition sponsored by Fako III CPDM youth wing president, David Ndive, is underway in Buea. The 16-team competition was triggered by a fierce opening game pitting Backside FC against current champions Sandpit FC on Sunday, July 2, at Bonduma Primary School Field.

David Ndive said he has budgeted FCFA 1.5 million for this year and the champions will bag home FCFA 700,000, while second and third place winners will received FCFA 500,000 and 300,000 respectively.

He said this was a sharp improvement from the budget of last year’s edition, which was FCFA 1 million, and that of the 2021 edition – FCFA 500,000.

As Ndive and other personalities set the ball rolling on Sunday, he said he felt fulfilled giving back to his community by making fellow youths happy.


David Meende Ndive (R) spectating opening game of inter-quarter football tournament

“We have to give back to the community what they deserve and my happiness is that, you can see from them, that they are very, very happy,” he said.

“We need to work to bring the youths together in order to remove them from all the illegal issues that they have been doing around. It’s a culture, it’s a tradition, it’s a culture in Bonduma now that every year we must organise something like this,” he added.

The inter-quarter football tournament is among many initiatives David Meende Ndive has organised to promote sports and social cohesion in Buea. Earlier this year, he donated a sum of FCFA 1 million to support a wrestling tournament in Buea. In his CPDM sphere, he also championed a football tournament in November last year that aimed to commemorate President Paul Biya’s 40th year in power.


Current Champions Bow In Defeat

Results of the opening game of David Meende Ndive Football Tournament shocked many who had expected current champions, Sandpit FC, to have an easy ride. Rather, they got defeated 2-0 by their rivals Backside FC, in whose quarter the game played.

The Backside boys were not an easy side though. They were the tournament’s champions during its first edition organised in 2021. But they took a break from the competition last year, paving way for Sandpit to take the trophy.

Coach Enow George of Backside FC praised his team’s discipline and team spirit for their victory. He said their goal is to win every game until they reach the trophy.


Fans of Backside FC celebrating second goal at David Meende Ndive Inter-quarter Football Tournament

“It wasn’t actually very easy but I really thank my players for taking instructions. I think they actually listened to what we told them before the game and that is what gave us the three points of today,” he said.

“So our main objective is to win one match at the time. We are not eyeing the cup yet, it is too young, the competition just started. So I think we are going to take one match at a time. Then we will see where it ends at the end,” he added.

On the other hand, Sandpit FC captain, Yungong Kevin, realised they had a weak defence line. They must work on this before their next game, he said.


Sandpit FC vs Backside FC

“The loss of today is going to teach us a lesson. It’s a great lesson from today’s match. I think our defence was not solid so we will need to work on our defence next time,” he said.

A huge crowd witnessed the tournament’s kick-off. Cheers, smiles, disappointment, hope could be read on the faces of spectators as they watched the game.

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