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Buea United’s Congress Concludes with Over FCFA 2.5 Million Raised

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea Cameroon) Buea United FC alias the Mountain Boys in its first ever congress organised by the management of the club, can now boast of a whooping sum of FCFA 2,750,000 and 30 setter bus in cash and pledges.

The club was created in 2005 by a group of teenagers who wanted to blend football and studies, but had no name for their side. These boys came from all angles of the Southwest and were based in Buea. Two years later, they felt it was time to give a name to their squad, and named it “BUEA UNITED” a representation of all the part of the then Southwest province in Buea.


Coach Njuku Barnabas was at the helm of the side from 2007-2017 when the wind of change blew towards Buea United’s door. Mr Amadou Tigana took over the team and in 2018 handed over to Valery Kadji who presently runs the Club.

Buea United’s Management team;

President of the club -Valery Kadji

Vice President Number 1 -Derrick Motimbe

Vice President Number 2 -Franklin Kang

Business Development Officer (Agent) -Amadou Fontem Tigana

Team Manager -Gaston Ngu

Head Coach Emmanuel -Agbor (Alabas)

Goal Keeper Coach -Ricardo

Team Press Officer -Basil Mbuye

Speaking to the press after the Congress, President Valery Kadji maintained that; “We remain optimistic and sure that this movement we have begun will take us to another level. This innovation will be a routine for Buea United FC”. He added

According to Agent Mr Tigana, “My role is to market this talented boys, I have done so before and will keep doing my job, my advice to them remains hard work and concentration”.

It is promising to be season like no other to the management of Buea United FC, as it keeps putting hand on deck to get the best players who in the end will serve the fans with a proper balance sheet for the 2019/2020 Southwest Regional Championship which was pronounced by the SW FECAFOOT Bureau to begin on November 9, 2019.


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