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Brazil 2019 U17: Disappointing Outing For African Champions (Baby Lions)

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Cameroon) Captain Steve Mvoue and his teammates have failed to make Cameroonians and Africa proud after playing two games in their group phase matches, thereby making knock-out progress a miracle.

The young football soldiers of Thomas Libih began their Brazil expeditions on October 29 with a shocking 1-0 defeat at the hands of a 10 man Tajikistan side.

Luma; speaking to Atlantic Chronicles after the encounter remarked that, “The baby lions need to step-up their game if they anticipate getting a point or a victory that can put them in a better position in their group, they were really poor on this match day and I expect more from them.


Not devastated with the first loss, some fans remained optimistic and hoped for the best in the next game against one of Europe’s representatives, Spain, in the second game. The second game was a must-win match for the cub lions who began on fine form; opening scores through central defender Bere. African champions kept their lead till the end of the first sediment of the encounter.

The second sediment of the encounter saw the foot soldiers of Coach Thomas Libih mount pressure to grab a second but all their efforts were a waste, as Spain took charge of the game and scored twice in 10 minutes.

Disappointingly, goalkeeper Manfred Ekoi was stretchered out of the pitch after picking an injury. The Spanish boys knocked for another goal and found the back of the net making it Spain 3-1 Cameroon.

“Thomas Libih and his boys were simply outclassed, the Spaniards were tactically and psychologically equipped for this game, that decree of sidelining players from Europe and other continents, giving total priority to the local league, needs to be revisited.” A fan remarked.

Another sad fan of the cub lions lashed out, saying; “It was a waste of my time and precious sleep staying up to support the team. The African champions failed to live up to expectations, it is really disheartening”.

It is hoped that the cub lions will grab a point in the final group game against South American representatives, Argentina.


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