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Buea United FC’s President, Coach X-rays Team, Promises Better Results

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Ekema Njoku M.

In an exclusive interview with Buea United FC’s President, Valery Kadji, and Head Coach, Enang N. Severin, they shared their views on the recent happenings and challenges the Mountain Boys have faced, stating that everything will be done to ensure cordiality between management and players, so as to achieve better results in the second half of the football season.

Talking about his club’s crashing out of the Cup of Cameroon, and how it affected the players, Valery Kadji said, “We have a group of players who are ready to play for this club and win games. It is always said that a defeat either makes players strong or makes them feel they are not good enough. The surprising cup exit had its toll on the players and we are trying to work things out and come back to winning ways”

Valery Kadji, BUFC President

When asked about the issue of players not being in good terms with the Coach and want him replaced, despite the fact that some of the issues were handled at a crisis meeting held some weeks ago, the club President said, “Working with people from different backgrounds is always challenging, and trying to understand them can be very difficult. At this level, it is unacceptable for the Coach to be replaced. The players are still very young and should listen to instructions which will help them grow. We have a project and the Coach is part of that project, the players are here to learn. You do not go to school and tell the principal to change your mathematics teacher because you do not like his approach.” He added

According to the club President, he has called on the Captain and senior players of the club to talk to the other players and set things straight since they are all fighting for their growth and that of the club.

He concluded by stating that, “our goal of this season still remains same, yes we are in a tight corner but we will make it to the Mini-interpols. Buea United FC remains very strong, and come the second round, we will show our class.”

The man in charge of the technical aspect of BUFC, Enang N. Severin, said, “I think the problem is multidimensional, there are some players who are sad because they are not playing, and others came into the team because they felt the club was financially stable but have met the reality on ground. Some are fighting to be leaders since they don’t want to be controlled.

“At the level of the administration, some feel that I have been handed a lot of power, and finally there is a problem of character (ego), as players do not want to accept themselves. To solve these problems, we need to dialogue and make the players understand that they are not playing for the President or for the Coach, but for their own future. Also, the management needs to understand that with the crisis some players need financial support especially for transportation.” He added

Enang N. Severin, BUFC’s Coach

When asked about his ambition for the club this second round, Coach Enang said, “We must be first; we are just four points behind the first and have a game with them. We will continue to fight to be first; by winning our matches and see what God has kept for us. Despite all the issues we have, I believe I have learned from this, and it has given me the idea on who to continue within the second round, and I remain optimistic we can do it.” Buea United FC remains unbeaten in the league, occupying the third position with 7points behind Catholic University Sports Academy (CUSA), on the second position with 8points, and Eso Eteki Memorial Sports AcademyEEMSA), toping with 11points. The Mountain Boys will begin the second round in a clash with city rivals CUSA.

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