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Ayah Ayah Abine Weighs In On Mysteries, Hypocrisies Of Lengthy Lockdown

by Atlantic Chronicles


Here are some mysteries of/in the struggle I don’t and may possibly never understand:


1) Why someone/people will impose a lengthy lockdown on other people’s families after relocating their own families to Yaoundé/Douala/Bafoussam, which families of theirs peacefully enjoy life to the fullest therein as they punish the families of others who chose to stay on GZ, or who simply can’t afford to leave.

2) Why people/someone will relocate his family/loved-ones to la Republic, what he/they call enemy territory, make life comfortable for them therein, and at the same time vow never to have anything to do with the same ‘enemy’, as he/she/they rain-down hell on any camp/individual who tries to find a midway with the said enemy by thinking differently from them, in a bid to put an end to the current genocide.

3) Why people/someone will disown his own, his blood, his soul, surrender the said blood to the lions to dinner, which dinner successfully recently took place, as predicted and prayed for by him/her/them, and later impose a lengthy lockdown on all other family members in solidarity/memory with/of the impeached/dethroned heirs of the said family he/she/they gladly and craftily sold to slavery, for dinner, in Egypt.


4) Why people/someone will find it easier to brandish anyone who speaks these bitter truths as ‘compromised’, la republic agent, the newly created words, rather than look at him/herself in the mirror and face the truth and make amends.

5) Why people/someone have preferred a lie, killed and buried the truth, as the assassinated truth may never see resurrection like the Christ, anymore.

6) Why an African parent will choose to deprive their kids of basic necessities alongside resources which the entire family made available to the said parent to fund the kids’ trips abroad to further studies, as the parent prefers imposing fasting and prayer on the said kids as a divine solution to their trips abroad.

Well, remember I pleaded with you all, NOT TO READ THE POST, simply because I understand how difficult and ‘unacceptable’ it is for multitudes to face truth, the narrow door. Hope you followed the instructions by ignoring the post…


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