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ARCADIA Mentors Youths On Business, Personal Development

by Atlantic Chronicles
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BUEA, Cameroon- The 6th edition of the ARCADIA Workshop Series, hosted in Buea, has empowered over 100 Cameroonian youths on business and personal development skills.

The youths and entrepreneurs were trained on Saturday, June 11, during the 6th edition of the ‘Workshop Series’ with the help of experts drawn from different sectors, to train, and answer pertinent questions on problems faced by youths in pursuing their goals and business endeavours.

Speaking to the participants at the workshop, Mrs Marja Montanga told them to focus on doing what they believe in, in order to succeed and be happy. “A lot of mediocre behaviour at the job site, is because people do what they don’t like, and because they do it as the last resort.

Another speaker at the Workshop, Joybert Javnyuy, encouraged participants to not think in the long term, and invest their time and resources in what is profitable. Stressing on the need to network and know who to relate with, Javnyuy told participants that their success in business and career lives, will depend on “What you know, who you know, and who knows you.”

At the end of the various presentations, the speakers all mounted the podium, and answered questions from participants, relating to business and personal development.

According to ARCADIA Project Volunteer, Nelly Shella, the workshop was aimed at igniting change that will have an impact on young Cameroonians on how go about their business and self-development drives.

The workshop, she added, was to influence, inspire and change the mindsets of the youths, while giving them practical skills of entrepreneurship.

By doing this, ARCADIA was able to identify some young successful business persons and used the workshop series to further orientate them on business strategists.

To the ARCADIA Coordinator, Marvin Cole, CEO of Ovamba, empowering Cameroonian youths was necessary.

According to him, opportunities are drying up, and as such, there was a need to organise a workshop like the Buea ARCADIA workshop that will enable the youths to gain confidence and the necessary tools that would enable them to earn a living.

 “We need to adjust to the new realities, look around and help people to get things better,” he said.

To him, the youths should strive for excellence, allow quality to speak for itself and build a good reputation.

After the training workshop, some participants expressed gratitude to the ARCADIA team for organising such a workshop, which they described as enriching.

Nzima Yengue, a medical student and a personal developer, told the press that he is very passionate about self-development and believes that self-development breaks any life challenges.

He said the workshop has given him the right skills which he needed to launch his own business.

Yengue’s point of view was also shared by Remy Ndolo Melongo, a School Councillor and CEO of Young Professional Foundation. To her, the workshop has given her a different kind of insight about business.

ARCADIA Workshop Series was first launched in 2016 and has organised seminars across the various Regions in Cameroon to orientate young people on doing business and also empowering them with business and personal development skills.

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