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Anglophone Crisis: Government Is Ready For Dialogue, But Secession Will Not Be Discussed- PM Dion Ngute

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Njodzeka Danhatu

Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute, during his visit to Bamenda, On May 9, said the Cameroon Government is ready for the much-trumpeted dialogue, but that as pre-condition, anything will discussed, but the topic of secession will not be entertained.

The PM’s message in the Northwest regional capital was made in the sidelines of his four-day peace tour to Bamenda.

The star building boss on Thursday, May 9, said President Paul Biya is ready for dialogue. “The Head of State has told me to reassure them (Amba fighters) that the dialogue they have been asking for.., it is true he has been dialoguing with them through his ministers, through many other channels. But if they want, as they want dialogue which will look at a number of issues, he is prepared to hold that dialogue” PM Ngute announced.

This time, former taboo subjects like federation may feature on the table of dialogue. “All he is looking for is people who can be representative enough to dialogue and he is organising that. He has said that with the exception of separation or secession, every other topic can be discussed. He is prepared to listen to every other issue” PM Dion Ngute said.

According to the head of government, President Paul Biya sent him to channel a message to people who can talk to Amba fighters, to tell them that he is ready to advance their course.   “So he has asked me to reassure them and to tell them that destruction of bridges, edifices of schools, of houses is not useful… He asked me to talk to all the people who can talk to those boys, that he is prepared to listen to them. He is prepared to provide them jobs, he is prepare to do a number of things that can advance their course”

The Prime Minister was seen moving along the streets of Bamenda carrying a long peace plant. He was encircled by heavily armed military officers guarding him as he moved.

Some women, said to be representing the Northwest and Southwest Women Task Force, stormed Ayaba hotel where the PM is lodging, brandishing placards, calling for peace and denouncing violence.

The PM in one of the meetings held in Bamedna, said “If these boys (Amba fighters) drop their guns and come out, and we start a political process of discussion, the government will not keep the military on the streets to shoot people or do other things, because that is not the role of the military. The military is supposed to protect its citizens…” Dion Ngute said.

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