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Amba Leaders Say Another Forced Extradition Of Refugees In Nigeria To Cameroon Underway

by Atlantic Chronicles

Ambazonia leaders have raised an alarm on what they say, is another Cameroon Government plan to extradite some family members of activists who are seeking refuge in Cameroon, back to Cameroon.

In a press statement, released on October 27, 2023, Sako’s Ambazonia Interim Government says they have learned of another planned series of abductions of refuge seekers who have fled the crisis and are taking refuge in Nigeria.

In a press statement, the Sako team said it “wishes to inform the International Community, Regional and International Organizations, the United Nations, the Government of Nigeria, the Human Rights Commission, world leaders, and friends of Ambazonia, of yet another nefarious plot by La Republique du Cameroun (LRC)”.

The team said it “got wind of a planned abduction months in the making, of the family of Mr. Wilfred TASSANG, himself part of the “Nera 10” abducted from Nera Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria on January 5, 2018, and illegally deported to Yaoundé, Cameroun, and sentenced to life imprisonment at the Kondengui Prison, under dubious and very suspicious conditions that have since been condemned by Human Rights organizations and the Nigerian Courts for violating several international laws and conventions, and human rights.”

The statement said the planned abduction of Wilfred Tassang’s family is intended to weaken his resolve for an Independent Ambazonia.

“The abduction plan entered the execution phase on October 20, 2023, at 4:42 pm when Mr. TASSANG’s son received a call from a masked number. The caller who claimed to be Ni Julius, a family brother in the United States, said he had sent $200 for the young lad through a certain Pastor Richard Onorha, and gave him a number, 09076496728 to call the pastor and bring him to the house to collect the money. When the son told the impostor, Ni Julius that he would inform the mother, the impostor said he should not as the matter was between them. Informed, Mrs. TASSANG reached out to Ni Julius in the US who said he had not sent anyone, neither did he know any Pastor Richard Onorha. “On October 2023, a strange three-digit number, 300 called Mr. TASSANG’s son’s phone, but he did not pick up, having been cautioned by his mother. The family now lives in fear and panic. Their lives are in danger.

“Consequently, the lnterim Government of Ambazonia has informed the Nigerian government on the matter through the National Commission of Human Rights and the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC. We are therefore calling on the United Nations, the Government of Nigeria, Human Rights Commission, and friendly nations, to urgently intervene and save these lives”, the statement signed by Martin Mungwa, PhD, who heads the IG’s Communication and IT Department said.

The group says it is raising awareness as a means of bringing the attention of various stakeholders so that the planned extraditions can be foiled.

By Andrew Nsoseka

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