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3rd Edition Of Wotutu-Ewongo Annual Inter-Quarter Football Competition Promoted By Edwin Eselem To Kick Off On July 9, 2023

by Atlantic Chronicles
  • When a Journalist Does Not Only Talk, But Takes Action to Promote Peace, Social Cohesion in his Village: The Case of Senior Journalist, Edwin Eselem

It has been announced that the 3rd edition of the annual Wotutu-Ewongo Inter-Quarter Football Competition that is organised during the long vacation, has been scheduled to kick off on Sunday, July 9, 2023 at Catholic School field in Wotutu Village, Buea Sub-division, Fako Division of the Southwest Region of Cameroon.

This information is contained in a release that was issued on June 23, 2023 by the Promoter of the annual football jamboree, Edwin Eselem, a senior journalist, who initiated this great project with the main and laudable objective being to use sports to promote peace and social cohesion in his village, Wotutu that is so dear to him.

According to the release, the date of July 9 fixed for the start of this year’s Wotutu-Ewongo Inter-Quarter Football Competition was adopted at a meeting of the Organising Committee of the competition which held in Wotutu Village.  According to the calendar of this year’s Wotutu-Ewongo Inter-Quarter Football Competition that was adopted the Organising Committee, the crowd-pulling event will run for close to two months, as the final will take place on August 27, 2023.

This year’s edition of the football competition, as was the case with the two previous editions, will bring together the top teams of the Wotutu-Ewongo Community in the Bonjongo Court area. Also, information contained in the press release issued by the Promoter of the competition, states that cash prizes of a total of 1 million FCFA, will be up for grasp in this 3rd edition of the competition.

Using Sports To Promote Peace And Social Cohesion

Meanwhile, the theme for the 3rd edition of the Wotutu-Ewongo Inter-Quarter Football Competition is Peace and Social Cohesion, as the Promoter, Edwin Eselem, and the organisers, continue in their relentless efforts to use the convening and transformative power of sports to keep the youths of the village occupied during the long holiday period, but most importantly to use sports to preach peace and promote social cohesion.

“Now in its third edition, the Wotutu-Ewongo annual football competition uses the convening and transformative power of sports to change lives and uplift the community”, the Promoter and son of Wotutu Village, asserted in the press release.

Rekindling The Hopes Of Youths

Eselem in the press release also explained that the main objective of the first edition of the Wotutu-Ewongo   Inter-Quarter Football Competition was to bring hope to the community at the heart of the socio-political crisis in the two Anglophone Regions that seriously affected Wotutu Village. “More than 80 % of the community including women and children, fled from the village between 2016 and 2020. The first edition of the football tournament in 2021, just like the second edition last year, was an opportunity to rally the youths and bring back a new lease on life in the village”, Eselem explained further.

Massive Support From Community, Others

The Promoter of the Wotutu-Ewongo Inter –Quarter Football Competition was happy to observe that the first and second editions of the competition benefitted from a massive popular support from the community. He was equally quite appreciative of the fact that the two editions of the competition also received much support beyond the community from friends, community development actors and lovers of the beautiful game. “We have seen the momentum and popular support that this tournament has been having within our community and beyond. It is our hope that this third edition continues to build on that phenomenal success”, Eselem concluded.

Also worth noting, that Edwin Eselem is a former senior staff of Orange Cameroun. He is presently in Dakar, Senegal, where he works for an international sports organization.

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