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10 Anglophone Detainees Held Back Despite Presidential Clemency

by Atlantic Chronicles

Kondengui Central Prison administrators are allegedly holding back some 10 Anglophone detainees, who were recently granted pardon by President Paul Biya.


The concerned Kondengui inmates were arrested for misdemeanours in Anglophone Regions, and were undergoing trial at the Yaounde Military Tribunal before the charges were dropped on October 3.

According to one of the Lawyers of the detained Anglophones, the Prison administration decided to hold back 10 of the inmates whose names were on the list of those to be freed, alleging that they participated in the Kondengui Prison mutiny of July 22.


The Lawyer said some 19 inmates were to be released from Kondengui, but only nine were freed. Of the nine, three came from the SED Detention Centre, while the name of Clarence Tsi Tse appeared twice on the list, thus taking a spot of one of the inmates. Tsi Tse himself was not liberated.

The list also had the name of a former inmate, who had allegedly been released way back in December. It was also had names of three inmates, who were brought from somewhere else to take the spots of Anglophone detainees. One of the inmates, Platini Lendzemo, who reportedly did not participate in the prison protest, was also denied freedom.

Some of the inmates granted clemency, but held back in Kondengui include:

Cyril Yuven Berinyuy, Polinus Bah, Clarence Tsibi Tse, Ivo Nfam Sam, Ramsey Jafaru Abang, Gabriel Soh, Platini Lendzemo, Benjamin Amid, Festinus Ache Tebah, Norbert Aghen.


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