Nestlé Unveils Net Zero Roadmap To Combat Climate Change

Nestlé, the world’s largest food processing company, has unveiled a detailed roadmap of how it will contribute to fighting climate change.
The Roadmap, unveiled in an online press event with journalists from several countries, outlined how Nestlé will focus on supporting regenerative agriculture, making its products environmentally-friendly, and switching completely to renewable energy. This, the company says, will be done by redoubling efforts to combat climate change.

Nestlé Cameroun Commits To Providing Healthy, Affordable, Sustainable Food

On the special day intended to celebrate man’s desire and assessing man’s efforts to conquer hunger through food security, Nestlé, announced that through its Nestlé Cares Programme, the company will offer food to help more than 700 underprivileged children in Cameroon and Gabon to enable them grow healthily.

Nestlé Coaches The Elderly On Healthy Nutrition, Practices

Nestlé Cameroun, on October 1, celebrated the International Day of the Elderly, by communing with them in an event hosted at the Littoral Governor’s Office, where the senior citizens were drilled on how to eat healthily in order to strengthen their immune systems.