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CAMTEL Is Determined To Make Youths Pillars Of Digital Transformation – GM Judith Yah Sunday

by Atlantic Chronicles

CAMTEL GM (in Blue) and youths pose for a family picture

The General Manager of Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday, says her institution is determined to make youths pillars of digital transformation in the country.

Judith Yah Sunday made the statement during CAMTEL Youth Day on February 27 in Yaounde. CAMTEL Youth Day was held under the theme, “Youths at the forefront of digital transformation.”

The event brought together the Resident Representative of IAI Cameroon, young startups, tech engineers, entrepreneurs, and other key players in the digital sector who sought to explore the role of youth in accelerating digital transformation in Cameroon within the context of the National Development Strategy, SND30.

While underscoring the importance and contributions of youths in building a strong digital economy, Judith Yah Sunday emphasised the need to involve and empower them to create jobs and become employers themselves.

“We know that today youths are the champions of digital transformation. Startups are those who create and innovate so it is important that we take them on board so that we can work together in such a way that their genius can serve to promote development, empower them to create jobs and be employers themselves,” Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi said.

She added, “We want to go for the best of our Cameroonians youths in terms of technicians and engineers to come onboard so we can see how we can better serve the Cameroonian community as far as telecommunications is concern.”

In the meantime, Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou, President of the National Youth Council, praised CAMTEL for the initiative, indicating their readiness to collaborate closely with CAMTEL to strengthen the engagement of Cameroonian youth.

“We thank CAMTEL for placing the youths at the forefront of digital transformation and to also put all their concern and focus on Cameroonian youths who are the most important component of our country. We are willing to work hand in glove with CAMTEL so that we can be able to reinforce the engagement of Cameroonian youths in the creation of more opportunities and fight against unemployment,” Fadimatou Iyawa Ousmanou said.

It’s worth noting that CAMTEL is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and according to the General Manager, the focus is not on feasting but on reflection, evaluating what has been achieved, how far CAMTEL has come in 25 years, and identifying areas for improvement and future actions over the next 25 years to enhance CAMTEL’s service to the Cameroonian community in telecommunications.

CAMTEL Youth Day coincided with an extensive recruitment process initiated by the company to hire young Cameroonian technicians and IT specialists to enhance service delivery.

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