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Nestlé Coaches The Elderly On Healthy Nutrition, Practices

by Atlantic Chronicles

Nestlé Cameroun, on October 1, celebrated the International Day of the Elderly, by communing with them in an event hosted at the Littoral Governor’s Office, where the senior citizens were drilled on how to eat healthily in order to strengthen their immune systems.

Communing with the elderly, and teaching them how to eat and live healthily was Nestlé Cameroun’s way of celebrating the 30th edition of the International Day of the Elderly. The celebration in the Littoral Region was organised by the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The event was chaired by the Littoral Governor’s representative.  

During the session, Samuel Fotso, a Nutritionist, schooled the elderly on how to eat healthily. He gave the elderly practical guidlines on how to feed well and help strengthen their immune systems through a healthy and balanced diet.

The nutritionist besought the elderly to eat three balanced meals a day, consume fruits and vegetables every day, drink at least 6 glasses of water per day, and walk as much as possible.

The elderly were also encouraged to limit their consumption of alcoholic beverages and also to refrain from smoking.

At the end of the session, Hélène Bissombi, Regional Delegate of Social Affairs for the Littoral Region, stated that she was satisfied, because the International Day of the Elderly provides an opportunity for all to recall the contribution of the elderly, who are the roots and memory of a people, to society.

“Their experience is a precious treasure, essential for looking to the future with hope and responsibility. Seeing them also happy after having received practical advice to strengthen their immune system through a healthy diet and the gifts from Nestlé Cameroun fills me with strong emotions. Seeing the “seniors” happy gives me a feeling of mission accomplished,” the Delegate stated.

The Managing Director of Nestlé Cameroun, Robert Helou, remarked that educating communities and in particular the elderly to eat healthily is a duty which falls in line with the mission of Nestlé: “to unleash the power of food to improve the quality of life for all, today and for future generations.” Participants at the session received special gifts from Nestlé Cameroun.

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