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Wirfon FC, Oku FC Qualify For 2023 NW Relaunch Solidarity Tournament Semis

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Etienne Mainimo Mengnjo

Wirfon FC and Oku FC have qualified for the semi-finals of the ongoing 2023 Northwest Relaunch Solidarity championship going on in Bertoua, East Region of Cameroon.

The two are among the four teams that qualified for the semi-finals after quarter-final matches that were staged last Sunday, August 13 at the CENAJES playground.

Donga FC, one of the most decorated teams with three trophies in the competition also qualified alongside Momo FC who are still trying to become champions after several attempts in the tournament.

According to the pairings, Wirfon FC who was previously registered in the competition as Bui FC when Oku FC was part of them will confront Donga FC while Oku FC will face Momo FC in a challenging game. The semi-finals will be played on August 20.

In the women’s handball discipline, four teams are taking part in the mini-championship with the finals expected to be played on Sunday, August 27. The four teams include Wirfon, Bafut, Pinyin and Momo female handball teams.

According to the organizing committee, the 2023 relaunched edition started on July 29 with nine teams on board. During the first match, Pinyin FC, current cup holders had thrashed KEKUDA FC from Babanki by 1-0.

Besides the euphoria and the pulling of spectators to watch the competition, a lot of talents have been discovered including the 17-year-old Loic Yuven who plays for Wirfon FC. The young player, given his youthfulness, has been applauded for his skilful and creative talent being exhibited in the competition.

In the meantime, organisers say, the tournament is being used to showcase the rich cultural diversity of the Northwest Region. Teams have been obliged to come along with cultural dance groups which is serving as a fan base.

Given the socio-political crisis ongoing in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of the country, the competition is drawing more attention given that it is serving as a cultural jamboree. Apart from promoting the spirit of unity and solidarity among the Northwesterners and other people from different regions of the country, the tournament is also serving as a relaxation moment with the idea of preaching living together.

The Northwest Solidarity championship is an annual tournament that was suspended after the holding of the 2016 edition following the crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon.

The championship has been the brainchild of the Northwest Cultural Organisation, NOWESCO in Bertoua with the sense of promoting stronger solidarity and the need of being one another’s keeper in times of sadness and joy.

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