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World Environment Day: BBF Cleans Limbe Down Beach, Streets

by Atlantic Chronicles
Atlantic Chronicles

The Belinda Babila Foundation, BBF, on June 5, carried out a clean-up campaign at Down Beach Limbe and the streets of the OPEC city, and the Delegation of the Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development, to mark World Environment Day.

The activities were carried out as part of the campaign to make the city cleaner, in order to promote a healthier environment.

June 5 was designated by the United Nations as World Environment Day, to highlight the fact that the protection and health of the environment is a major issue which affects the well-being of peoples and economic development throughout the world.

This year’s World Environment Day was focused on celebrating biodiversity.

The BBF team and volunteers, in their numbers, from their Limbe headquarters, cleaned the streets on their way to Down Beach Limbe, where they pulled out debris from the sea, as well as picked plastics strewn along the beach. The piles of garbage were gathered in heaps, transported in wheelbarrows and piled where the city Council or the waste disposal company, HYSACAM, can easily transport to various waste disposal sites using their specialised trucks.

Talking on the clean-up and sensitisation campaigns, the CEO and Founder of the Belinda Babila Foundation, Dr. Belinda Babila said her team is interested in keeping the environment safe, in order to promote healthy living, and a clean environment, especially at a time of pandemic like COVID-19. She also noted that the next focus of BBF’s campaigns will be health structures where the pandemic is.

“On June 5, in commemoration with the UN, on World Environment Day, BBF thought it wise to keep the environment clean, especially where we sit and where we eat, for the sake of our health. Looking at Limbe where we are headquartered, we proceeded to clean Down Beach Limbe which is a touristic site, but full of debris, which makes it very unhygienic.

“We made an awareness campaign so that the Limbe City Council and the officials of Limbe and Cameroon in General should pay attention to the sanitary condition of Limbe and Cameroon as a whole.

“A nation can only be built better from a good and clean environment. We have COVID-19 which is ongoing, and we have to make sure that our environment is clean to help prevent further COVID-19 spread,” she stated.

She said the fight against COVID-19 has to also pay attention and increase efforts in keeping the environment clean, in order to reduce avenues where the virus can easily spread and infect more people.

“We plan to go to the hospitals next, because, that is where most of the pandemics are, and those areas have to be really clean to prevent further infection and further virus spread, for the global good of humanity.”

She said the BBF Branch Office in Ghana also engaged in a clean-up campaign, where they cleaned the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Public Works, and the Ministry of the Interior.

In a sensitisation campaign, the BBF team encouraged locals to keep a clean and healthy environment, and also massively plant trees and avoid felling them, so as to have a healthy and conducive environment. The BBF team also carried out the free testing for blood sugar level to commemorate the day.

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