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Wonya Nango Traditional Council Pledges To Revive, Rebuild Village

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Andrew Nsoseka

The village of Wonya Nango in Buea Subdivision recently installed its Council of Elders, as well as the Traditional Council, put in place to assist the Chief, HRM Chief Pastor Oscar Teke Etute, to govern the village and pilot its affairs.

The newly installed Council members in their vote of thanks to the village and the Chief, pledged to develop and make the once thriving village, a city in the jungle. A Development Committee was also installed and charged with various responsibilities all aimed at developing the village, for the natives and those who will settle there.

At the installation ceremony HRH Pastor Oscar Teke Etute, re-echoed a clarion call to his kinsmen who have over the years settled in neighbouring villages, to return home, build and develop the community they left behind. He said there is enough space for all descendants of the three families that make-up the village. The Chief said it will be embarrassing to hear that a native of Wonya Nango has been thrown out of a house in another village because of rents, when such a person can come and resettle in his homeland.

The installation ceremony of the Traditional Council, and Council of Elders, was graced by the presence of the Assistant DO for Buea, who pledged administrative support to the village, urging the Chief and his collaborators to develop it to the fullest so that the natives can enjoy and stay in a safe community. She was made a Technical Adviser to the Chief. The Assistant DO praised the Chief for including several clergies in his traditional council.

The now active Council of Elders which Chief Pastor Teke Etute said will act as the village Senate, is headed by Charles Teke. The Traditional Council which will act as the village’s national assembly is headed by James Kulu Ndive, with Barrister George Ngwesse as Secretary-General. The Chief of Lysoka who was present at the event urged the newly installed to work together with their Chief, to develop the Wonya Nango.

In a call to his subjects, Chief Pastor Teke said “this is time for us to build our village. We cannot do this while fighting, so let us put aside our differences. The Palace and the Councils are open to those with issues. Come and the issues will be solved amicably. We are calling on all families to work as one. We will ensure that all natives have a place to call home.” The Chief said.

Chief Teke further promised to introduce activities that will keep the village vibrant. He promised to reintroduce pala pala (traditional wrestling) which he says he is ready to fight in the first organised wrestling match, against any opponent.

After the feasting which followed the installations, there was the symbolic killing of pigs from the Traditional Council and the Chief, in respect of the tradition. The pork was shared out to villagers.

Wonya Nango which was named after its founder, Nango, a hunter from Bonduma, in Buea, is made up of three principal families; the Wonya Njumbe family, the Wonya Ekovi family, and Wonya Ewange family.

The village of Wonya Nango is encircled by many other neighbouring villages; to the North by Nanga Village, to the South by Sasse Village, to the East by Bwassa Village, and to the West by Tole village.

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