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Women, Children Not Spared In Ngarbuh Gruesome Massacre

by Atlantic Chronicles
  • Locals Accuse Military, Vigilantes, Herdsmen of Murdering 38
  • MINDEF Says “Cameroon’s Defence Forces are Not Involved”

Again, the Anglophone community in Cameroon has been struck by another gruesome massacre allegedly carried out by government forces, in the company of state-backed vigilante groups, and Fulani herders, in Ngarbuh, Ntumbaw, in Donga Mantung Division, of Cameroon’s Northwest region. So far, the death toll stands at 38, and may still rise, as bodies are still sorted out, and other victims are still battling for their lives, in health facilities.

The Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Atonfack Guemo told The Post that State forces were not involved. He said information circulating about the military raid is all “Fake News”


With sources on the ground, we learnt that prior to the February 14 massacre in Ngarbur, soldiers, in the company some ex-fighters, and Fulani herdsmen, had in a public address in Ntumbaw, called on the population to show them houses of Ambazonia fighters. In a message directed to the Ngarbuh community, the soldiers and their allies reportedly told them to relocate from their village within three days or face the ‘worse’.

Nfor Hanson, of CNA, reported that a certain Nfor Marcel, nicknamed “Bullet”, an ex-Ambazonia fighter who joined the DDR Commission, led the attack in Ngarbuh.

“The boy from Donga Mantung Division was the lead person during the military and militia raid in Ngarbuh, Ntumbaw that saw the death of 32 persons (5 dead bodies were discovered in the bushes on Saturday)

He announced in Ntumbaw using the Limbum dialect, that if the population fails to bring out their sons who are fighting in bushes; they will kill their mothers, fathers, wives and children. The announcement was followed by a raid on the civilian population.” He reported.

It is also reported that alongside the said massacre, government forces set fire on several houses, killed livestock and destroyed properties.

During the raid, said to have been orchestrated in the early hours of that February 14, locals who could not escape were gunned down, others yanked with knives and daggers.  Our local source also intimated that some of those who were caught, and later spared from the executions, were told that the massacre of that day was “Just the beginning” of what is to come to them. Most of those who were killed apparently could not escape because the attack was carried out in the early hours of that day, and darkness prevented them from running to safety in the bushes.

Amongst the victims, are nine members of a family who were slain during the raid. Some of the victims were burnt alive in their homes, which were allegedly torched by the invading soldiers, vigilantes and Fulani raiders.

Mass grave of some Ngarbuh victims

MINDEF Says State Forces Were Not Involved   

Talking to The Post Newspaper, the Ministry of Defence, through its Communication Officer, Colonel Atonfack Guemo, he said Defense forces were not involved. “Cameroon’s Defence forces are not concerned. It is Ambazonia and secessionist terrorist propaganda”

Asked why all accusing fingers on the ground are pointed at the military, the Colonel said “They usually do it all the time. It is their propaganda. It is fake news. No army was there. No defence and security force was there. I can assure you that we will issue a communiqué tomorrow (Monday, February 17) before the end of the day. It will be published in French and English. I can assure you that what we will say it the truth, and only the truth.”

Asked whether the Ministry of Defence has gone down to the field to assess the situation following the killings, the Colonel said they have not yet been there, and that they are trying to manage the situation to have the truth. “For now, it is fake news, and terrorist propaganda.” He said.  


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