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Wirba Exhorts Ambazonia’s Diaspora To Prioritise Unity, Service, Shun Lies

by Atlantic Chronicles

Resigned Cameroon Member of Parliament, Hon. Joseph Wirba, now residing in London has chided the Ambazonian diaspora for lies-telling, noting that the creation of an interim government in the Southern Cameroons struggle was a huge mistake.

The outspoken MP for the Jakiri Special Constituency spoke out on Saturday, June 29 in London, during a conference organised by the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC. He challenged those who said they have restored the independence of Southern Cameroons to prove it.

According to Hon Wirba, forming a government was the beginning of failure to the Ambazonia revolution.

“The original sin of this revolution was the formation of that thing you call a government,” he stated.

“You wanted freedom, but started with people who were already administrators? You are so disunited, united in telling lies, not listening. All you do is to make noise,” he added.

Wirba cautioned that if struggle must succeed, they need to start being courageous, determined and sincere to tell the warriors back at home the truth; shun politicians and embrace revolutionaries who give everything to free people, contrary to politicians.

He asked why they lied to the people that they have already taken their land from the oppressor.

“I am ashamed of you people. You make a lot of noise about power, hiding behind your computers and laptops. There is absolutely no power anywhere.”

Wirba, however, paid homage to Njoh Litumbe, Gorji Dinka, Nfor Ngala Nfor, Seseku Julius Ayuk Tabe and Dr. Samuel Sako, for their wonderful work, but lamented on the impeachment of Seseku which to him is nonsense.

“Our people used to say; ‘You can never have one rat with two tails,’ I hear you now have two Presidents. See how you set confusion among yourselves. You first named my brother, Seseku, just to kill him and get him jailed. One mistake was making another President, Sako” he slammed.

Wirba chastised them for creating imaginary structures abroad that make them fight and kill themselves. “Seseku’s imprisonment is already enough impeachment for him,” he remarked.

Seseku Wanted Wirba Ambazonia President

Wirba revealed that the Ambazonia IG President behind bars, Seseku Ayuk, before his election, called him from Lagos that the people wanted him (Wirba) to come and lead the struggle. He said he turned down the offer because that is not the way things were supposed to be handled.

But he said when Seseku was elected, he still called him (Wirba) and said: “Bro, the people have entrusted the leadership to me.”

“I questioned, which people? However, I told him that if that be the case, you have my blessing and my support to free the people of Ambazonia,” he further stated.

The SDF MP paid tribute to those who have been killed, as he cursed the Biya regime.

“As from today, we will no longer say La Republique du Cameroun. Officially, we will call it La Republique du Vampires; they are vampires sucking our people’s blood.”

He declared that; ‘Cameroon is two and divisible’. He called Biya a supreme killer, saying he (Biya) is begging for death.

Despite the hard words on the Ambazonian diaspora, Wirba expressed hopes that the Buea dream will one day come true but insisted that a solid foundation of truth must be laid first.

Among the participants was President Seseku Ayuk Tabe’s Vice, Dabney Yerima.

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