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Who Will Make The SW Mini Interpool?

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Leon C. Kange


On Sunday, June 16, Continental F.A went head to head with Eteki Esoh Memorial Sports Academy (EEMSA) at the Buea Town Municipal stadium in a game that will leave the group open until the final day. 

The Gra-Gra boys of continental stroke first blood, scoring twice in the first 35 minutes of the game before EEMSA levelled the game with two goals in a minute to ensure that the spoils were shared before both teams headed for the half time team talk. More of the same is what the crowd hoped for and although the goals didn’t come as many, the intensity kept supporters on their feet. It was only in the dying moments of the game that Ndive Njie of continental scored with what was the last meaningful action of the game, ensuring 13 points for the Gra-Gra boys, leaving EEMSA with 15, Buea United with 14 and Catholic University Sports Academy (CUSA) with 16 after beating Mount Cameroon by two goals to nothing. 

The final game day will see Continental FA log horns with CUSA while Buea United will make the trip to Tiko to battle for three precious points with EEMSA. It’s going to be a final day show down.

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