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The October 1 Celebrations In NW & SW, Drowned By National Dialogue

by Atlantic Chronicles

The controversial October 1 celebrations in the Northwest and Southwest Regions dubbed Independence Day of former Southern Cameroons; were this year, drowned by the euphoria of the Major National Dialogue.  

Even though the celebrations had little impact in urban centres in the two Regions as all attention was turned to Yaounde for the Major National Dialogue, it was a feast in most rural communities.


Videos of the celebrations are now making the rounds on social media. Crowds of women, children, and even armed militia are seen marching in various ceremonial grounds, coordinated by separatist fighters.

In most rural area largely controlled by separatist fighters, the celebrations went on unperturbed. Separatist leaders like Field Marshall in Lebialem pulled a mammoth crowd to celebrate with him and his infantry.

 In Kumbo for instance, separatist fighters organised the event, singing derogatory songs as they march in commemoration of what they termed “their Independence Day.”

Children of school-going age were not left out of the celebration. In one of the localities, the master of ceremony remarked that those who were marching past the Grandstand were students of a community school, operated by Ambazonia fighters and leadership.

In the video, the students were chanting Ambazonia composed songs, accompanied by their supposed teachers.


In other areas, Amba Fighters were the point of attraction as the local population watched in amazement how the fighters paraded and chanted songs of victory.

In other villages, the locals and fighters gathered at popular village spots with improvised flags, which they waved, hoisted and sang liberation songs.

Other videos also emerged of armed men, mocking the dialogue process in Yaounde.

In certain areas, some individuals mimicked Government officials as they took their positions in the grandstands. Some were dressed like Divisional and Senior Divisional Officers.

Despite such effervescence, the October 1 celebrations only ended in the interiors of Cameroon as the population in the urban centres were busy following up deliberations at the Yaounde Major National Dialogue, praying and hoping that a lasting solution will be sought to end the socio-political impasse in Cameroon.


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