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SDF Buea Rural Candidate Turns Down 20 Million Bribe, Promises Sweeping Changes

by Atlantic Chronicles

(Buea-Cameroon) Robert Mbella Embola, SDF Parliamentary candidate for Buea Rural, has dispelled rumours that he has backed out of the race for a seat in Parliament.

Sources familiar with the story say, Robert Embola, the SDF candidate allegedly turned down a 20million bribe, meant to buy him out of the race, for his opponent to have an easy ride. Our sources say the candidate was first proposed FCFA 10 million, which he turned down, and then the amount was doubled to FCFA 20 million, which he still turned down.

In a press release, the candidate stated that, contrary to rumours spread by detractors, he is upbeat about running for Parliament in order to bring progressive change to Buea Rural and “Make Buea Great Again”.


In a disclaimer, the Parliamentary candidate stated: “I, Robert Mbella Embola, hereby deny the allegation that I have desisted from running for Parliament under the mandate of the Social Democratic Front, SDF. I consider the on-going rumour as a calculated plan by unscrupulous detractors to confuse and derail my supporters, vis-à-vis the February 9 twin elections.

In drumming for more support, Robert Mbella Embola said the rumours were meant to water-down the spirits SDF supporters and people in the communities who believe in him, as the ultimate voice of his people. Embola said he is running for office, in order to bring the desired change in the communities, as well as represent the aspirations of Buea Rural, in discussions that concern their wellbeing.

To militants and sympathisers of the SDF in the Buea Rural constituency, he wrote: “I hereby strongly call on all the SDF militants and supporters of the Buea Rural Constituency to remain steadfast and be ready to massively vote for me, to feel a progressive difference from past Parliamentarians of the area, and make Buea great again.”

In his manifesto released on February 25, the candidate, like his counterpart of Buea Urban Constituency, Mbella Ikomi Ngongi, said he decided to run for elections in order to bring real change to the people, defend the constituency, as well as fight for the people against land-grabbers involved in the Fako land saga.  

He also pledged to bring back dignity, use Parliamentary grants for community development, as well as defend human rights and indigenous rights of the people.


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