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SDF Announces Nationwide Boycott Of May 20

by Atlantic Chronicles

By Njodzeka Danhatu

One of the main opposition parties in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front, SDF, says it will not take part in this year’s National Day celebrations.

The SDF’s call for boycott is contained in a one-paged press release signed Tuesday, May 7, by the first Vice Chairman, Hon. Joshua Osih.

According to the former presidential candidate, the SDF will stay away from the forthcoming event because it is sympathising with the people of Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, who are in a state of war.

“The SDF informs the party structures and public opinion that as long as this civil war and severe insecurity prevails, the SDF cannot participate in the national day celebration on the 20th of May” the release partially stated.

The decision according to the Wouri MP, will engulf the National territory. “This is valid throughout the national territory because one side of a face cannot be smiling while the other is crying” the release reads in part.

Meanwhile, the party of Ni John Fru Ndi has equally called for massive participation on May 26, a day which marks the 29th anniversary of the party.

May 20, Cameroon’s national day, reminds Cameroonians of the 1972 referendum that paved the way for a unitary and centralised system of governance, thereby doing away with the federal structure that brought former West and East Cameroon together to form what is modern day Cameroon.  

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