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Prophet Leads Spiritual, Social Battle Against COVID-19

by Atlantic Chronicles
  • Urges Cameroonians To Bury Political, Social Differences & Unite Against Common Enemy

Prophet Frankline Ndifor, one of the Presidential candidates in the 2018 Presidential election, has resurfaced in the public sphere with a ruthless spiritual and social battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The General Overseer of Kingship Ministry championed the COVID-19 sensitisation campaign in some neighbourhoods in Cameroon’s Economic capital, Douala, during which he donated support items for the fight against the virus.


During his recent campaign, Prophet Frankline visited the Littoral Regional Delegation for Public Health and two Gendarmerie and Police stations in the Douala IV Municipality. He also stopped at some markets in the municipality, among them the Mabanda, the Grand Hangar, and the Rail Markets.

The Man of God encouraged the population to practise basic hygiene measures, avoid hand shaking, wear masks, and stay at home.

Speaking to the press, the General Overseer of Kingship Ministry said: “The general love for humanity is in me. So I came out today to encourage Cameroonians that we can be each other’s keeper, especially when we are faced with such challenges. This is a positive gesture and I am encouraging all Cameroonians to emulate.”

The National President of the Cameroon National Citizen Movement party, CNCM, further stated that “at this given time, all Cameroonians should put their heads together and let’s fight this deadly pandemic threatening more other lives.”

Prophet Frankline further exhorted Cameroonians to bury their political, religious and tribal differences, and unite to fight a common enemy, which is the Coronavirus.

According to him, a collective and united effort will help the country to win the war against COVID-19, and only make it part of the world’s history.


He said there is no difference between vigilance and the Government, reason Cameroonians should support the Government in stemming the virus.

On why he chose to visit crowded markets during his campaign, despite increasing calls for social distancing, the Prophet explained that his goal of sensitising the population could best be achieved in the markets where there are larger numbers of persons.

At every stopover, the Man of God donated hand-washing buckets, masks, and bottles of hand sanitizers to the population.

Meanwhile, the sensitisation caravan of Prophet Frankline made a brief stopover at the Littoral Regional Delegation of Public Health, where the Regional Delegate, Dr. Ekoum, lauded the efforts of the Man of God and promised to use the relief materials donated for the intended purpose.

Prophet Afanwi was also encouraged to continue in his mission to save more lives from the Coronavirus to other parts of the country.

One of the beneficiaries of the donation, Rosal Bowa, promised to transmit the Prophet’s humanitarian message to peers and neighbours.


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