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Preseason Fever Hits Clubs In Buea

by Atlantic Chronicles


Some football stakeholders in the Buea Municipality have given their consent to organise a tournament to keep their players abreast with the momentum they are to meet in the Southwest Regional Championship and Fako League.

After Limbe, the town of friendship and Tiko, all towns harboring clubs taking part in the Southwest Regional Championship, the city of excellence Buea with club presidents, coaches, and team managers are putting hands on deck to see this initiative come to a reality.


It began with nine clubs but in total seven clubs fulfilled the registration formalities and have been ceded in two pools, “A & B.” With the Saints of Catholic University Sports Academy, Prisons Social Club throwing the towel, Soccer 4 Hope Cameroon stepped in. Pool A has three clubs while Pool B has four.

Pools and Fixtures

POOL: A       


Soccer 4 Hope Cameron                                                           

Istanbul Football Academy                                                 

 University Of Buea Football Club


Buea United Football Club

Babungo Football Academy

Mount Cameroon Football Club

Dynamic Football Club

Tuesday 10/12/2019:       First Day Of Play

11 Am ———- Mt Cameroon Vs    Istanbul Fa

1 Pm————- Buea United FC     Vs     UB FC                                      

3pm——– Babungo SA    Vs      Dynamic

Soccer 4 Hope Cameroon (Exceped)

Wednesday 11/12/2019     Second Day of Play

11 Am——– Babungo SA            Vs      Buea United Football Club

1pm—- UB FC     Vs       Dynamic FC

3pm—–Soccer 4 Hope  Vs  Mt Cameroon Fc

Istanbul Football Academy (Excepted)

Thursday 12/12/2019:    Third Day of Play

11 Am——Dynamic Fc    Vs    Buea United Football Club

1pm——–   Soccer 4 Hope   Vs       Istanbul FA        

3pm———-UB FC    Vs   Babungo SA

Mount Cameroon Fc (Exepted)

Sunday 15/12/2019:        Semi-Final

2pm——————- First Pool A       Vs    Second Pool B

4pm——————- First Pool B       Vs     Second Pool A

Tuesday 17/12/2019:          Final

3 Pm——Winner 1    Vs   Winner 2


It is worth noting that the one-week soccer jamboree will be called AE Sports Management Buea Preseason Tournament with the Ako Eyong Sports Management, a foundation that handles soccer players in the United Kingdom (UK) stepping in to be a sponsor of this edition. The tourney promises to be an exceptional one with plenty of stakes, the question still remains who will follow the footsteps of Options Stars of Limbe? Affaire a suivre.

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