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PPRD NW/SW New Operational Strategy For 2023 To Be Youth, Gender Centred

by Atlantic Chronicles

Based on feedback and observations gotten from the field after the realisation of some projects, the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the Northwest and Southwest Regions, PPRD-NW/SW will in 2023, witness major changes in the approach in which projects are executed and monitored. One of such strategies will be the targeting of youths aged 15, to 35, who will be made actors and a priority in the rebuilding process.

This among many others, was the outcome of a strategic meeting held by the Steering Committee of the Reconstruction plan on April 13, in Yaoundé to unveil a new development blueprint for the reconstruction and development process in the two crisis regions.

The new road map according to the stakeholders will prioritise youths because youths aged 15-35 are said “to be the main cause of the problem which is born of drop out from school, Idleness, drugs, petty crime, kidnapping, rape, murder”, the committee said.

The steering committee also revealed that to make local efforts broad-based and effective, a network of communicators involving grassroots communicators (community radio, religious bodies, village town criers, cultural and Development associations) will be set up to facilitate the flow of information. The network will span from Subdivisional right up to the national.

According to steering committee stakeholders, will be vulgarised to encourage local entrepreneurs to compete more favourably in bidding processes, as well as enhance the capacities and skills of local technicians. A low-interest fund system will be set up through local financial institutions to assist such local entrepreneurs, the committee revealed. It further revealed that Post Execution information will be standardised with visibility given to the PPRD NW/SW and peace-contribution by the Plan through its actions, harnessed and nurtured.

Bottom-top Approach to be Employed

Among the new strategies, is also the decision that the PPRD will henceforth give priority to the bottom-top participatory approach. “To encourage adhesion, appropriation, finding innovative local solutions to local problems and moving from synergy and non-duplication to symbiosis of actions, the PPRD shall inform and consult Ministries, Regional Assemblies, localised Ministry Institutions, stakeholders, development Authorities, Projects, Development and Cultural Associations, as well as Alumni Associations on projects to be implemented, their implementation and their final result”, the Steering Committee stated.

Another new addition is that an Inter-Ministerial Technical Committee, the Regional Follow-up Committees will be activated, and memorandums established with partner institutions as engraved in the organic text creating the PPRD.


Stakeholders in session, deliberating on PPRD NW/SW new strategies

According to the stakeholders, in 2023, PPRD will keep 70% of the activities in the Green zones, including finishing those carried forward from 2022. 20% of the 2023 activities will target the yellow zones and 10% the Red zones on a demand-driven basis, where the Youths participate.

Emphasis was laid on the provision that there will be special equity emphasis in each zone to harmonize levels of development and drift from easy-to-do areas to needed-to-do areas. “Priorities will be set with the local target population taking into consideration the particular activities and funding availability. Social, cultural and sporting events will be organised at Subdivisional levels. These will include musical concerts (with part bonanza emphasis on youths icon artists from both the Northwest and Southwest Regions. Short talks from Youth Stars will be organised, combined with cultural bonanzas”, the stakeholders revealed.

In the domain of social and recreational activities, it was said that pitches such as football, volleyball and handball will be rehabilitated or constructed.

The Committee also intends to solicit Iconic Youths to become goodwill ambassadors of the Presidential Pan. To boost the local economy, all non-skilled labour will as a priority be given to the youths of the locality, (as a contractual obligation). Thirty percent (30%) of the remuneration will be saved for the beneficially, in a local financial institution, to be used, as a joint funding scheme with the Plan, for life skills acquisition training.

To enhance information alertness system and projects sustainability and resilience, a system of information flow, involving the relevant services will be adopted and supported in areas where activities are carried out. “Warning/warming cells will be nurtured as information digesters and filaments for projects sustainability enhancement”, it was said.

To mobilise needed resources, fundraising will be reactivated and presented per activity or cluster of activities to Donors and Businesses that sometimes have different Funding and social cooperate responsibility preferences.

The stakeholders say they will receive partners who have ideas, cash or kind contributions to make in order to help foster the Presidential Plan and promote the participation of the youth.

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