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PPRD North West Follow Up Committee Swings Into Action

by Atlantic Chronicles

PPRD North West Follow Up Committee members in session

The First Session of the North West Regional Follow-up Committee for the Implementation of the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development (PPRD) of the region has taken place in Bamenda.

NW Governor Lele Lafrique Adolphe Tchoffo Deben, Chairperson of the Committee on Friday 14 July 2023 told development stakeholders that Projects suggested to the PPRD should represent the needs of the local population.

The chair of the committee has challenged stakeholders amongst them the Regional Assembly, North West Development Authority (MIDENO), state Institutions, Sector ministries, administrative, political, and religious authorities, the civil society, development organisations amongst others that make up the committee to work for the realisation of the plan. Some of the projects realised so far include; the construction and equipping of four women empowerment centres, issuance of over 400 lost documents, rehabilitation and reconstruction of 30 schools, six health centres, eight solar powered water points, youth start-ups, poultry farmers, cooperatives, farm rehabilitation, women in catering supported and more.

While outlining several projects realised in the areas of social cohesion restoration, infrastructure reconstruction and livelihood revitalisation across the NW, The National Coordinator Motuba Tamajong Obase and the regional lead of the implementing partner being the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have pointed at the COVID-19 pandemic, overwhelming needs, security, access and poor collaboration from some local administrators like Mayors as challenges being faced.

This 2023, the PPRD will be spending over FCFA 29 billion with the government of Cameroon expected to contribute over 18 billion, UNDP 236million, 750million from the private sector and over 1.3billion from the government of Japan. The National Coordinator Motuba Tamajong Obase has disclosed that 3.3billion shall be used for Social Cohesion, over 14billion for infrastructure rehabilitation and 6billion for local economic revitalisation.

The Mayor of Nkambe, Musa Shey Nfor whose community has benefited from the plan has expressed satisfaction with the implementation noting that it has inspired peaceful co-existence in his council area. Concerns have been raised concerning the even distribution of the project with one of the Mayors of Momo Division indicating that their area and the Division has note benefited like others. Mayor Ubango was emphatic that a few projects maybe come to his area only this year.


The regional follow-up committee is a creation of the Prime Minister and Head of Government Chief Dr. Dion Ngute to ensure the effective realisation of the PPRD.

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